Diva Digest No. 17

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistJune 9, 2013

Diva Digest No. 17

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    Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim tear the house down and steal the show at Slammiversary. Stephanie McMahon returns. AJ walks out on Nikki and Brie Bella on Raw. Mickie James is on her way to a heel turn.

    It has been an eventful week for the women of WWE and TNA, and I have all of the week's highlights and the Fave Five countdown waiting inside.

    This is Diva Debate No. 17!

Week in Review: Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim Steal the Show at Slammiversary

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    Last Sunday, at Slammiversary, the months-long rivalry between Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim came to a distinct conclusion when Taryn defeated the first-ever Knockouts champion in a brutal Last Knockout Standing match.

    The match saw each woman crash into a steel chair, Taryn dive through the ropes only to crash on the entrance ramp and both women utilize the figure four leg lock around the steel post. It finally came to an end when Taryn countered a piledriver attempt from Gail and delivered a breathtaking ace crusher off of the ramp and to the arena floor.

    Taryn got to her feet moments before the referee reached a 10 count while Gail fell in defeat.

    The match was the perfect culmination of a feud that has been the best in the Knockouts division this year and was one of the best bouts on this year's Slammiversary card.

Week in Review: AJ Skips Out On Her Partners

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    On Monday night, AJ Lee teamed with Nikki and Brie Bella to do battle with Divas champion Kaitlyn and the Funkadactyls. It was a rematch of a six-woman tag bout on the May 6 edition of Raw, during which Brie and Nikki left AJ alone to suffer a spear from Kaitlyn and a pin-fall loss.

    This past week, AJ returned the favor, proving that payback can be a, well, you know.

    AJ ducked off of the apron, leaving Nikki Bella to fend for herself. Like AJ before her, she too would fall victim to the spear and have her shoulders pinned for a three count.

    Post-match, AJ stood in the aisle and stared down her former-friend-turned-championship-rival while Kaitlyn simply raised the title in the air, reminding AJ just who the champion was.

    The match featured tremendous booking in that it recalled the Bellas walking out on AJ and, this time, being repaid for their actions, all the while continuing to advance the AJ's rivalry with Kaitlyn.

Week in Review: Mickie James Continues Her Turn to the Dark Side

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    This week's Impact Wrestling continued the heel turn for current Knockouts champion Mickie James.

    Early in the evening, during a backstage segment, she ducked Velvet Sky's challenge for a title rematch and was absolutely disingenuous in her concern for Velvet's injured knee.

    Later in the evening, she gave Gut Check winner Taeler Hendrix the opportunity to compete against her and spent the majority of the bout acting in a condescending manner towards the young redhead from Massachusetts.

    Taking the challenge of the younger, less experienced Knockout anything but seriously, Mickie found herself nearly upset on a number of occasions. In fact, it would take a feigned knee injury to catch Taeler off-guard and give Mickie the win.

    It has been so long (seven years, to be exact) since Mickie has portrayed a heel that it is easy to forget just how good she was in that role. In recent weeks she has slowly, and seamlessly, transitioned back into the role of baddie.

    Expect Mickie to be one of the two or three best female performers throughout the rest of 2013.

Week in Review: The Secret Admirer Will Be Revealed on Raw

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    On SmackDown, Divas champion Kaitlyn revealed to Natalya that she would meet her secret admirer on this Monday's Raw.

    Natalya questioned the decision to meet the admirer in such a public fashion, in front of a viewing audience of millions rather than in a smaller, more intimate setting. Kaitlyn took exception to Natalya's words and insulted her, saying that her secret admirer was not a creep. In fact, if he was a creep, he would be Natalya's secret admirer.

    It was a strange thing for Kaitlyn to say, especially since she is the babyface champion currently feuding with the heel AJ Lee. Perhaps it was meant to create some sort of dissension between friends, maybe to set up a title program after the current one with AJ Lee comes to a close.

    Whatever the case may be, it was an interesting segment that proved Kaitlyn can have a mean side. Somewhere down the road, that mean side could play a role in a heel turn. Until then, the segment will have to settle for being an awkward segment involving a character going completely against type.

Diva Digest Fave Five

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    The week featured several tremendous performances by the women of WWE and TNA.

    Taryn Terrell picked up the biggest win of her career, Gail Kim reminded the world of her greatness, AJ Lee paid back the Bellas for their deception a month ago, and Kaitlyn picked up a win in a six-woman tag bout and showed a meaner side of herself on SmackDown, while Mickie James continued a slow-burning heel turn, and Taeler Hendrix made her return to Impact.

    Who tops this week's list and who falls just short of making the Fave Five?

    Let's take a look.

    5. AJ Lee

    The No. 1 contender to the Divas title left her tag team partners, Nikki and Brie Bella, to fend for themselves a month after they did the same to her. She may not have won the match, but she proved herself to be every bit as cunning and deceitful as the most manipulative of WWE Divas. That will go a long way in helping her pick up her first Divas title when she challenges Kaitlyn in the very near future.

    4. Kaitlyn

    The current Divas champion picked up another win this week as she teamed with Naomi and Cameron to defeat the Bella Twins and AJ on Raw. Four days later, she showed hints of a hidden mean side, disagreeing with Natalya and insulting her during a backstage interaction during SmackDown.

    Could a change in attitude be waiting for Kaitlyn following the revelation of her secret admirer on this coming Monday's Raw?

    3. Mickie James

    The current Knockouts champion was gloriously wicked in her performances this week, first as the disingenuous friend who ducks out of her top contender's challenge for a title rematch, then as the overconfident champion who overlooks a young upstart and has to resort to cheap tricks to pick up a victory.

    2. Gail Kim

    Gail Kim has long been the most talented female wrestler in either of the big two companies, and at last Sunday's Slammiversary, she once again showed why.

    In a show-stealing performance against Taryn Terrell in a Last Knockout Standing match, Gail crafted a bout that left the fans in Boston erupting for each high spot and hot for the match as a whole. While she came out on the losing end of her rivalry with Taryn, Gail went a long way in cementing her legacy as the greatest Knockout ever.

    1. Taryn Terrell 

    The New Orleans native proved she is more than just a pretty face, defeating Gail Kim in a hard-hitting, bruise-inducing battle at Slammiversary. A former member of WWE developmental, and an on-air talent for the company before her dismissal three years ago, Terrell had looked like a flash-in-the-pan in the pro wrestling industry.

     Proving all of her doubters wrong, she has exceeded all expectations. A beautiful woman who is a far better performer than anyone could have imagined, Taryn is well on her way to being the breakout star of the Knockouts division. 

Next Week

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    In next week's Diva Digest, we take a look back at the final preparations for WWE Payback and reveal whether or not the long-awaited showdown between Kaitlyn and AJ will finally take place at the pay-per-view event.

    Also, what will the latest developments be in the budding rivalry between Mickie James and Velvet Sky, and how will TNA capitalize on both Taryn and Gail's performances at Slammiversary?

    All of that plus any breaking news and the Diva Digest's Fave Five for the week of June 9.

    Until then, as AJ Lee would be inclined to do, keep calm and skip on.