Mexico: Rating El Tri's Players Against Jamaica

Karla Villegas Gama@karlitsvFeatured ColumnistJune 5, 2013

Mexico: Rating El Tri's Players Against Jamaica

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    Mexico went to Kingston to seek its first win in the Hexagonal. Jose Manuel de la Torre's boys managed to secure three points after a superb header from Aldo de Nigris.

    El Tri did not please the fans however, as the performance was not the best, but the victory takes a lot of pressure off the players. Also, take into consideration that Mexico had not won here since 2001.

    Join me to find out the ratings of the Mexican footballers against the Reggae Boyz.


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    Jose de Jesus Corona delivered an impressive performance. The Cruz Azul goalkeeper saved El Tri at least three times and proved why he is the manager's first choice.

    Different from other nights, Corona was sharp with the aerial game. He sent two balls out from the line thanks to his reflexes, giving the back line a lot of confidence.

    All doubts have been cleared now and it seems like Francisco Guillermo Ochoa will stay on the bench a little longer than what he would have wanted.

    Rating: 9/10


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    Jamaica was very dangerous from the left sideline and Severo Meza did not have one of his best night and it had a lot to do with the fact that he is not as physically strong as the Reggae Boyz.

    Francisco Rodriguez is out of shape if you compare him with the younger footballers, and he needs to be faster. It is true that he brings leadership and confidence to the pitch, but he needs to push himself.

    Diego Reyes keeps improving and seems a lot more at ease as time goes by. He was solid throughout the game and had a good performance overall. If he gains strength in the gym he will be unstoppable.

    Carlos Salcido is brilliant. His assist to de Nigris was first class and the Tigres left-back was impressive when he ran up the sideline. He is a striving force, no doubt.

    Severo Meza: 7/10

    Francisco Rodríguez: 6/10

    Diego Reyes: 8/10

    Carlos Salcido: 8/10


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    The left wing however, should not be Pablo Barrera's responsibility. Despite his recent performances with Cruz Azul, "Dinamita" is not at the same level as Javier Aquino—who has proven to be the right choice for the position. Pablo lost the ball on a regular basis and did not do much to create goal opportunities. 

    Gerardo Torrado is not in his prime anymore. He was slow and errant, which might be even more evident if this had been a rival with more experience and organization.

    The best player in this line was Jesus Zavala. The Monterrey midfielder showed how powerful he is in the center of the pitch. He recovers well and keeps the ball, and can run and becomes a playmaker when the team needs it most.

    Andres Guardado was not as unbalancing as he could have been though he missed a couple of clear goal opportunities. However, he is the kind of player you can trust in tough times—and this match was one of those.

    Pablo Barrera: 6/10

    Gerardo Torrado: 5/10

    Jesus Zavala: 8/10

    Andres Guardado: 7/10


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    It was a tough match for Javier Hernandez. He missed twice in front of Donovan Ricketts and had to change his regular position as striker to become a ball-feeder. Not the brightest game for "Chicharito" but he understood that his role had to change to help the team as soon as he realized how tough the defenders were on him.

    Aside from a superb goal, Aldo de Nigris did not help much and seemed lost at times. It was obvious that his performances with Monterrey are linked to his partnership with Humberto Suazo. He needs to find this kind of relationship with someone in El Tri or he can be replaceable any given day. 

    Javier Hernandez: 7/10

    Aldo de Nigris: 8/10


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    Gerardo Flores came in the second half to help the defense. He was supposed to be in the lineup to give the team depth, but Jamaica was starting to push and de la Torre had no choice but to put him in. 

    Despite playing 23 minutes, Giovani dos Santos had two chances to score but wasted them. As it had happened before, Gio came in with a great mindset but his touch was errant and he hardly ever sought help from his teammates.

    Raul Jimenez came in for "Chicharito" in the 85th minute so he could not do much. However, in the future, this is a skillful player that can be a great addition to the team if he plays from the start.

    Gerardo Flores: 7/10

    Giovani dos Santos: 7/10

    Raul Jimenez: N/A