Ranking the 7 Best WWE Diva Prospects in NXT

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IIJune 4, 2013

Ranking the 7 Best WWE Diva Prospects in NXT

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    The WWE Divas division has been one of the weakest points of WWE programming since the days that showcased matchups like Trish Stratus against Torrie Wilson and Gail Kim against Mickie James. Now, unless you're watching TNA, there are few women's matches that warrant more than a second look. 

    With the talent level on the main roster low, and the storylines stale and nonexistent, the WWE Divas division has reached a crucial point. It's either time to revamp the division or time to can it all together. 

    Well, if you've paid attention to WWE NXT and the WWE's recent Diva signings, it's become extremely apparent that the WWE is making a concerted effort to make the Divas division something worth watching again. 

    As the division continues to get rebuilt, let's take a look at the best and most promising of the new crop of Divas currently working their way through the ranks in WWE developmental. 

    Here are the seven best Diva prospects in WWE NXT. 

7. Sarah Bäckman

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    As many WWE fans know, the Diva recruiting process seems more focused on scouting looks first and athletic ability last. The Divas division has turned into a pool of models with a few OK wrestlers when, ideally, it'd be the other way around. 

    One of the WWE's most recent signings shows just how serious the company is taking the rebuilding of the division.

    Meet Sarah Bäckman.

    Bäckman is a Swedish eight-time World Arm Wrestling Champion and she is ripped. She also participated as a gladiator in Sweden's version of American Gladiators and she's slated to begin working with NXT this summer. 

    Bäckman doesn't have any professional wrestling experience, but she has something most recent Divas don't have: a ridiculous stature. She's the most musclebound female to be a part of the WWE since Beth Phoenix and she looks more like Chyna than a cheerleader, which is rare in today's Divas division. 

    The WWE needs to take the Divas division in a new direction because it's pretty clear that whatever it's doing isn't working. If Bäckman can learn the game, she could be the one leading the charge and end up being the next big thing in women's wrestling. 

    Bäckman has enough raw power to be a star, but she has yet to have a match in the WWE and until she does, she'll stay at No. 7. 

6. Rebecca Knox

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    Rebecca Knox is trying to follow in her fellow countryman Sheamus' footsteps to make it into the WWE. Knox, who hails from Dublin, Ireland, will take her talents to WWE NXT in the coming months, as per reports from The Herald

    Knox would bring a much-needed element to the current WWE Divas: experience. Knox has been a member of a ton of wrestling promotions overseas and in North America, including the illustrious SuperGirls promotion and the all-female Shimmer organization. 

    Knox has been in the ring since 2002, which is a lot more experience than other Divas on the youthful WWE roster. She's a tenacious competitor and could lend a hard-hitting hand to the current roster that doesn't have many high-impact females. 

    The only reason Knox isn't higher on the list is because she isn't in the ring yet, she's injury prone, including prior injuries to both ankles and her head, and she's recently been struggling with whether or not she should keep wrestling.

    If Knox can stay healthy and keep her head on right, she could be one of the best Divas on the roster. 

5. Sasha Banks

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    Sasha Banks is rarely talked about in the WWE, but she should be. Banks is a talented high-speed Diva who brings a lot of energy and in-ring skill to a division that's pretty lacking in both categories. 

    Banks isn't as well-traveled as some of the other talent, but she left her mark on a few independent organizations, most notably wrestling in Chaotic Wrestling as Mercedes KV, in which she carried the Women's Championship for 260 days using her repertoire of armdrags and pin combinations to beat her opponents. 

    The Diva then moved on the NXT where she has racked up a few wins against WWE Divas Alicia Fox and Aksana. While Banks might not be the most experienced competitor on the roster, she was a wrestler before she came to the WWE. She wasn't a dancer or a cheerleader—she was a wrestler. 

    She doesn't have the exceptional in-ring skill to be one of the elite top prospects in NXT, but if Banks continues to get better in the ring, she could move up this list and could easily bolster a struggling divas division. 

4. Emma

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    Tenille Dashwood, now known as WWE's Emma, hails from Australia and has a background in wrestling and modeling. Emma, who used to compete as Tenille Tayla, has brought her great looks, solid in-ring skills and, most importantly, a ton of experience to the WWE Divas division. 

    Emma passed through numerous Australian independent promotions and had a stop in Shimmer where she competed against the likes of Sara Del Rey. Emma then went on to compete as part of the SuperGirls division in Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling. 

    Emma has a lot of experience in the ring in different organizations and is one of the most technically sound women's wrestlers to come through the WWE since Natalya first showed up.

    While she may be extraordinarily talented, she still looks a little green in her NXT matches. She would be an outstanding addition to the WWE main roster, but once she gets some more matches under her belt and gets more familiar with the company and her opponents, she'll be ready to fight her way to the top of the Divas division. 

3. Summer Rae

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    Summer Rae is the first Diva on this list to make the jump to the WWE's big shows...well, sort of. Summer has been seen most recently as Fandango's dancing partner, and while she hasn't sashayed her way into a match yet, she's been working up a little something with Chris Jericho and The Miz to add a little fuel to Fandango's matches. 

    As Fandango leads this Michelle McCool-Kelly Kelly hybrid around the ramp and the stage, one thing is pretty apparent: She's got the current WWE Diva look. Rae used her looks in her last sports league, too, as one of the main faces of the Lingerie Football League. 

    While Summer is mainly being used for her good looks at the moment, she's no slouch in the ring. Summer has decent technical skills and has developed a devastating take on Trish Stratus' "Chick Kick" that she uses as a signature maneuver in the ring. 

    Rae has become one of the most popular Divas in the WWE after just a few months on TV after receiving strong reactions from NXT crowds on a regular basis. 

    Rae can definitely amount to more than the eye candy for Fandango in the WWE, and if she was a little more skilled in the ring, she would easily be No. 2 on this list. She's got the look that the WWE loves, she can play face or heel and she'll most definitely be a major part of the Divas division in the future. 

2. Bayley

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    This may come as a surprise to all of the WWE NXT Diva fans out there, but Bayley is one of the brightest talents on WWE NXT. While Summer Rae may have the look, she doesn't have the chops in the ring that Bayley brings to the table. 

    It might be hard to spot Bayley's prowess as she's most often jobbing to the likes of Summer Rae and Paige, but it's there. Bayley is exceptionally athletic and has competed in some of the highest-level indy organizations in the country as Davina Rose and earned a cult following for her gimmick. 

    Don't agree? Just watch some of her matches. She may not stand out as the most talented Diva, but she sells very well and does a good job putting other people over.

    The most obvious element that she brings to the table can be seen by a simple eye test. Just watch her compete. Yeah, she has some green moments, but while Divas like Summer Rae and Sasha Banks have spots in their matches that look confusing or rough, Bayley has few. 

    She makes most moves look crisp and could probably be tied or behind Summer Rae on this list, but she just looks more comfortable in the ring. She's a wrestler; Summer was a lingerie football player. Simple as that. 

1. Paige

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    Paige isn't one of the best Divas to enter the WWE ring since the days of Trish Stratus. She's the best. Paige comes from an impressive family as the daughter of Sweet Saraya and Ricky Night and the sister of the UK hooligans, Roy and Zak. 

    Paige is the full package. She's got an interesting angle as the "anti-diva," she's got the look and she can go in the ring, and I mean go. She's even got experience. She's been a professional wrestler for most of her adult life, competing in places like Pro-Wrestling: EVE, Shimmer and now the WWE. 

    She's got an insane repertoire of moves for a female wrestler, utilizing numerous submission maneuvers, suplexes and slams and has great striking ability with both her hands and feet. Paige has it all. If she were called up today, she could very well be one of the best Divas on the main roster. 

    The Anti-Diva has feuded with the best the world and the WWE NXT roster has to offer and has excelled. She puts everything into the story and makes for a believable and interesting character that really hasn't been seen before in the WWE. 

    As Paige and the other NXT Divas continue to hone their skills, both in and out of the ring, there is one thing we can be certain of: The WWE Divas division has a bright future.