B/R NHL Playoff Challenge Round Two

Matt HunterCorrespondent IMay 1, 2009

Well the second round has started, and that means that for those who were able to survive round one will now see if they can survive yet another round and move on to conference finals.

For some reason I did not receive the results from five of the other members who made it past round one, and so we are now down to only five. This round and also the conference final round only one player will be eliminated. This will lead to three people competing in the Stanley Cup round.

The format will stay the same though with total number of goals as a tiebreaker.

Here are the final five competitors and their picks.

Round 2Matt HunterTab BamfordChristian KarMike HowellSteve Prud
Bos v CarBos (6)Bos (5)Bos (6)Car (6)Bos (6)
Was v PitPit (6)Pit (7)Was (7)Pit (6)Pit (7)
Det v AnhDet (6)Det (5)Det (5)Anh (7)Anh (7)
Van v ChiVan (6)Chi (7)Van (7)Chi (6)Van (5)

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