AL East Fantasy Comebacks: May

Angelo CerilliCorrespondent IApril 30, 2009

PITTSBURGH - JULY 7: (L-R) Fans Michael Kutilek, 12, Griffin Conley, 11, and Brody Smith, 13, of Oakmont, Pennsylvania, participate in a fantasy sports broadcast during the opening day of Fan Fest for the Major League Baseball 2006 All-Star game at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center July 7, 2006 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images)

Each month I will cover each teams top pitcher/hitter to have a good month. From each division, the division I choose will vary each month from the AL. These are all predictions I am not saying these will be definite locks so you need to add these players now just some advice from a person with some experience in the area of fantasy baseball and what players usually comeback when.

Toronto Blue Jays:

Hitter- Adam Lind 

Stat Line - .303 BA - 3 HR - 18 RBI - 13 R - 23 SO - 12 BB - 89 AB

Adam Lind has been struggling as of lately with that with two hits in his last four games. However he starts next month against Baltimore, a Cleveland rotation that has just given up way too many runs than normal, and the Angels, who probably have lost a world series-esh rotation to DL and death.

So expect Adam Lind to get back to form and by the end of the month should have a BA of around .320-.330 however it has yet to be determined how much his confidence as fallen due to this injury.

Pitcher- Scott Richmond

Stat Line - 3-0 W-L - 2.70 ERA - 20 SO - 10 BB - 20 H - 0 CG - 23.1 IP

If he isn't already taken Richmond has been absolutely dominate in his past three starts against Texas, Minnesota, and Kansas City. In his 3-0 start he has 20 K's with 10 Walks in 23 innings so he can give you the strikeouts while not walking many.

However he does not go the full nine innings, and why should he, he is a young gun and Toronto wants to preserve his arm so don't expect him to go the full nine, but he is very solid. If he isn't taken already I would suggest considering Richmond.

Baltimore Orioles

Hitter -Felix Pie (Considering Adam Jones is already taken)

Stat Line - .157 BA - 1 HR - 2 RBI - 4 R - 14 SO - 6 BB - 51 AB

So Adam Jones is already taken, and you have an extra bench spot, Felix Pie is your most likely option from Baltimore, although he is having a rough start there is no doubt he has the talent to come back and bring his average to mid .200s (around .250). If you have the bench spot available I see no reason to wait and see if Pie can get off his slump he is a low risk medium reward kind of person.

However, Adam Jones is the better pick if available, however at this point I think Jones is taken in most people leagues. Although be warned if Pie does not pick it up he will be replaced by Wigginton so keep a close eye on him if you do decide he is worth the risk.

Pitcher - Koji Uehara

Stat Line - 3-0 W-L - 4.50 ERA - 19 SO - 6 BB - 28 H - 0 CG - 30 IP

Considering that he isn't seriously injured thanks to the Angels, I would defiantly consider Koji even with his 4.50 ERA he has been able to shut down NYY, Boston, and Texas (although he was rocked by Texas with seven runs his first appearance against them) to under three runs.

He won't provide you with a bunch of strikeouts however he doesn't walk, period. Hasn't recorded a complete game yet but I see it happening this month. The guy was rocked by Texas for seven runs and other than that hasn't given up more than three since then. He has a 3.00 ERA without that seven run game.

Tampa Bay Rays

Hitter -Gabe Gross

Stat Line - .206 BA - 1 HR - 3 RBI - 5 R - 8 SO - 8 BB - 34 AB

Gabe Gross should be getting substantially more playing time this month and he hasn't had a big time game so far the month of April but he hasn't been getting much batting time, considering he beats out Gabe Kapler who is a line of .219 AVG - 0 HR-0 RBI -2 R -6 SO-4 BB-32 AB. So sooner or later the Rays will either choose Gross for his bat power over Kapler who is more of a contact type hitter.

Although Kapler has a better BA Gross still has more HR-RBI-R-BB in only two more at bats. Once Gross gets that job in RF expect his numbers to go way up, weather he gets it this month though is questionable and Rays may continue to platoon the two until the choice is obvious to them. However once Gross wins the job it is defiantly worth considering him.

Pitcher - Jeff Niemann

Stat Line - 2-2 W-L - 4.43 ERA - 13 SO - 11 BB - 21 H - 0 CG - 22.1 IP

Keep a close eye on this kid, if he continues to walk a lot of people and give up a decent amount of hits don't add him however something to consider when looking at him he is 2-1 in the last three games averaging almost six innings per game with a 1.80 ERA. So maybe this kid is more than meets the eye and something someone looking for a decent Free Agent can get.

Red Sox

Hitter - Jacoby Ellsbury

Stat Line - .289 BA - 1 HR - 9 RBI - 12 R - 8 SO - 10 BB - 91 AB

The fast Jacoby hasn't exactly got off to the start some fantasy baseball fans think is underachieving Jacoby really hasn't had a bad start. However I can see him raising the bar even more this month increasing his average to the .300s even stealing more bases, with the way this guy runs and can easily get on base it is an easy pick.

Pitcher - Ramon Ramirez

Stat Line - 2-0 W-L - 0.00 ERA - 6 SO - 4 BB - 5 H - 0 SV - 12.1 IP

A player that many people really haven't gotten to know unless your a Red Sox fan is Ramon Ramirez, the guy has been a stud for this teams bullpen and his value at this point must be off the charts, shutting down every team he has faced. I would suggest this guy if you have a lot of saves people on your team he will help your ERA a bunch and will provide an occasional win for your team.

New York Yankees

Hitter - Alex Rodriguez

Stat Line - .000 BA - 0 HR - 0 RBI - 0 R - 0 SO - 0 BB - 0 AB

The presence of A-Rod will come and hopefully provide protection for Mark Teixeira and Jorge Posada and hopefully Robinson Cano will be able to keep going on his tear. Set  backs could hold off A-Rod's appearance but I seriously doubt it. 

Pitcher - Andy Pettitte

Stat Line - 2-1 W-L - 2.96 ERA - 16 SO - 6 BB - 24 H - 0 CG - 27.1 IP

Andy is the heart and soul of this team, without him performing the Yankees do not do very well. He currently is posting a very nice 2.96 ERA while I don't think that'll hold to the end he will be a pretty reliable starter for the next few months.


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