Rocco DeMaro: My Cup of Tea

Matt TrevorsContributor IApril 29, 2009

One bright, sunny afternoon I was driving home from a miserable hockey practice and was furious at my iPod for running out of juice.

The failure of said trusted piece of technology was the catalyst for a life-changing discovery. I turned the radio dial to 104.7 FM, hoping to catch a weekend recap of The War Room With Quinn & Rose, or something mildly entertaining.

What I found is now my favorite sports talk personality, Rocco DeMaro.  

DeMaro is one of the most entertaining personalities on WPGB’s illustrious lineup of radio hosts that include local favorites Jim Quinn, "Radio Rose," and of course Ellis Cannon, otherwise known as “E."

DeMaro's on-air persona is, for lack of a better term, my cup of tea.

His light-hearted antics with segments such as the Super Mario-themed “Kickers,” and my favorite segment, “Celebrating the Average with Lord Percy Smithington,” always manage to entertain.

Unfortunately, Lord Percy is on sabbatical, somewhere near Tangiers, according to Rocco. I’m hoping he returns soon.

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DeMaro can also bring the heat when it comes to his baseball knowledge—it is obvious he loves the game, and his statistical knowledge is top-notch. His fun and informative baseball season gig, Extra Innings can be heard on WPGB following every Pirates game.

His banter with guests is always well-researched, and he is not afraid to call a spade a spade after a disappointing guest.

Rocco’s other show, Weekend Sportsline, has been known to scratch the surface of less popular sports such as soccer, and even cricket. Yes, I said cricket.

Although he finds time for these sports, the majority of time is spent on sports and teams that interest his Pittsburgh audience—namely the Pirates, Steelers, Penguins, and Panthers.

Unfortunately for Rocco, WPGB has one of the best sports talk hosts in the country, Ellis Cannon. Cannon, a former attorney, also has a great rapport with his audience, and I think Rocco will be his Conan O’Brien for years to come (you know, Conan waited for Jay Leno to move on—OK it’s a stretch, but it’s all I’ve got)

As I run out of nice things to say about Mr. DeMaro, I’d like to end with this:

Rocco gains the trust and admiration of his listeners through his passionate and light-hearted commentary. It’s often hard to tell which sport is his favorite, as he gives them all his best effort.

I hope DeMaro sticks around and is given the opportunity to host the nightly sports show on WPGB. He most certainly has earned it. 

Keep it up Rocco, keep it up!

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