10 Worst Transactions of the 2012-13 Premier League Season

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10 Worst Transactions of the 2012-13 Premier League Season

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    The 2012-13 Premier League season saw a number of clubs make key transactions in the respective transfer windows—some of which were a little better than others.

    Manchester United fans will be quick to say the name Robin van Persie, while the likes of Eden Hazard, Michu, Olivier Giroud and Christian Benteke all fall into the category of brilliant transfer signings that single-handedly changed the season.

    But what about some of the less spectacular transactions last year? Read on to see the 10 worst of the 2012-13 season.

10. Jack Rodwell

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    In fairness to Jack Rodwell, he did have a season haunted by injuries. And he did score a double against Norwich City in his final game of the year, and subsequently earned himself a call-up into the England international squad.

    But for £12 million, is two goals really all Manchester City wanted this year?

    You would have to think no, with the fee equating to more than £1 million per EPL game in which Rodwell featured.

    That's not a good summer transfer, as bright as the future may be.

9. Scott Sinclair

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    From one Manchester City player to another, Scott Sinclair has been a huge disappointment this season—earning just a handful of appearances despite a £6 million move at the start of the year.

    Especially given that when given the opportunity, he did nothing with it.

    The very fact that despite playing just 13 minutes for Swansea this year, Sinclair scored more goals for them than he did Manchester City should be a pretty big giveaway that this wasn't the best deal.

8. Tal Ben Haim

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    Queens Park Rangers' chances at avoiding relegation this year were over after their horrendous start to the season. And while much of that responsibility has to fall on to the players, there's also some definite onus on managers Mark Hughes and Harry Redknapp and the woeful choices the pair made.

    Take Tal Ben Haim, for example.

    Needing a revival in defense to keep them in the hunt for survival, Rangers went out and grabbed Ben Haim as a free agent in the January transfer window.

    For what purpose, though?

    The defender started two games for the Londoners all season, and QPR didn't score a single goal or keep a clean sheet whenever he was on the field. 

    Moreover, they allowed Anton Ferdinand to leave the club on loan at the same time, with the latter proving to definitely be the better defender of the pair. 

    It might sound harsh on Ben Haim and QPR, but this transfer was indicative of their season—poorly thought out and a one-way ticket to relegation central.

7. Mousa Dembele (Leaving Fulham)

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    A quick note here with Mousa Dembele.

    I'm not for a minute suggesting that he is a bad transfer for Tottenham Hotspur.

    In fact, without Dembele, there's no way that Spurs would even have come close to making the top four this season, and he was easily one of their top players this season.

    No, this transfer was pathetic from Fulham's point of view.

    Now I know that Tottenham Hotspur met his buyout clause and that Fulham were left helpless against the buying powers of Spurs.

    Or were they? After all, The Daily Mail reported that the Cottagers did have a 12-month clause in Dembele's contract that they could have activated, and then could have sold him to a club that wanted to meet his buyout clause after that.

    And having seen Fulham's season, there's little doubting that they sorely missed the Belgian international—winning just over a quarter of their matches in 2013.

    What's more, outside of Dimitar Berbatov, they didn't have a goalscorer in the Premier League who netted more than five goals. Had Dembele been there, you would have to think that it would have been drastically better for Fulham's sputtering attack.

6. Matt Jarvis

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    Having paid over £10 million over the summer transfer window for Wolves winger Matt Jarvis, West Ham were expecting big things from the 27-year-old in 2013.

    And, to put it bluntly, Jarvis didn't even come close to living up to them.

    Despite playing in over 30 appearances this year across all competitions, Jarvis finished with just two goals to his name. He averaged less than one tackle and interception per game and averaged less than 20 completed passes per game (per WhoScored).

    For £10 million? No thank you.

5. Emmanuel Adebayor

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    Ahh, the man that Tottenham fans love one week and hate the next.

    Having played on loan in 2011, the striker was able to secure a permanent deal to the London club in 2012. Tottenham paid £5 million for his services and were hoping that his rangy athleticism and ability was going to produce the goalscoring feats that he showed at the end of last year.

    Only that it wasn't quite like that this season.

    Adebayor finished with five Premier League goals for the season (one more than Jan Vertonghen) and turned the ball over an average of four times per game. And that's not including his passes, where he averaged just over 80 percent completion rate for the year.

    But perhaps the biggest problem for Adebayor was his inconsistency, with fans (and manager Andre Villas-Boas) not sure what they were going to get from him.

    A brilliant goal one minute; sent off in a North London derby the next.

    That's just not good enough from an experienced Premier League player like Adebayor, and having slipped behind both Jermain Defoe and Clint Dempsey in terms of status at the club, it wouldn't be a surprise to see his minutes dramatically reduced next season as a result.

    Given the strikers that were out there, this wasn't a good deal by Spurs.

4. Vurnon Anita

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    Alan Pardew seemingly got a great deal when he signed Vurnon Anita from Ajax for £6.7 million in the summer. Yet after playing him in just a handful of games this season—and only after the Magpies had some key injuries—there's no doubt that he definitely overpaid for the player in 2013.

    Anita has a bright future ahead of him, but he averaged less than 1.5 tackles and 1.0 interceptions per game this year. Which, for a club that was faced with the threat of relegation, simply isn't good enough.

    Especially when you come to the club with a £6.7 million price tag.

    He'll be better next year with some experience under his belt and will no doubt start to prove his transfer fee as a result. But this year? Not such a great signing.

3. Robin Van Persie (Leaving Arsenal)

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    Arsenal fans may want to say they didn't have a choice but to sell Robin van Persie to Manchester United—something that the rest of the world calls denial.

    The Gunners could have kept Van Persie this year, or could have offered him more money in their attempts to put him on a new contract. Yet they didn't, and they ended up taking the £24 million that United offered for him—quickly realizing how difficult life was going to be without the Dutchman.

    Arsenal went on to have another trophy-less season and were incredibly lucky to make it through to the Champions League. Manchester United, on the other hand, won the English Premier League trophy, and were undefeated against Arsenal in 2013.

    Van Persie won the Golden Boot and nearly won PFA Player of the Year.

2. Javi Garcia

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    Javi Garcia was a panic buy for Roberto Mancini on the final day of the transfer window as Manchester City realized they didn't have enough depth.

    Javi Garcia cost Manchester City £16 million from Benfica.

    And he flopped, spectacularly.

    Manchester City thought they were getting a brilliant deal, but they ended up getting a whole lot of nothing.

    In 29 appearances for City, Garcia finished with two goals. He created a goal-scoring opportunity for others every five games that he played (0.2 per game).

    As a defensive midfielder, he averaged less than 1.5 tackles and interceptions per game. Most ridiculous was the fact that Garcia was more likely to foul a player than he was make a tackle—something that should never, ever attract a £16 million transfer fee.

    Not Mancini's finest ever hour at the Etihad Stadium.

1. Fabio Borini

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    However, the worst transfer deal this year has to go to Liverpool, with Fabio Borini proving to be nothing other than a complete flop at the Merseyside club this year.

    After spending the first part of the year injured, Borini recorded just one goal for the year and didn't come close to living up to his £10 million fee. Moreover, Brendan Rodgers was forced to buy Daniel Sturridge and Philippe Coutinho this summer in order to fill the shoes of Borini who, even when he did make the field, wasn't able to deliver on the lofty expectations that many had on him this year.

    Personally, I really like Borini, and I think he'll develop into a great player.

    But I don't think he's worth £10 million at the moment, and I don't think he's a great fit to Liverpool or the English Premier League and, on face value, the 2012-13 season has proved that to be correct so far.

    Which 2012-13 transfers do you think have been the biggest bust?

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    (All transfer details provided via The Daily Mail; all statistics courtesy of WhoScored.com unless noted otherwise).