Predicting the Next Big Sports Meme

Eric NewmanCorrespondent IIIMay 17, 2013

Predicting the Next Big Sports Meme

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    Tebowing, Teo'ing, Kaepernicking, Dufnering, and Torresing. Ugh! We're all tired of taking a knee, pointing a finger, kissing our biceps, sitting against a wall, and staring wide-eyed. Give us something new. Something wacky. Something unique.

    Sorry to say folks, we're experiencing a sports-social-media-trend lull. But fear not, possibilities abound. Lots of athletes and regular sporting folk are out there clowning around as you read this. Something is likely to catch fire and give us all new GIFs to tweet forth.

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Tim Te-Booing

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    The once it-man of the NFL is now something of the twit-man and quite possibly no longer of the NFL. The Jets released him, the Seahawks don't want him, even a contingent of home-town fans are rallying for him to steer clear of Jacksonville.

    This season booing is the new bowing.

Kate Uptoning

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    Decades of models-must-be-waifs thinking has ended. Upton has harkened in a new age of voluptuousness.

    How does this translate to a trend? Aspiring models everywhere won't just tone any longer, they will Uptone. This means circuit training, blood-type dieting, and plenty of burgers, fries, ice cream and cupcakes.

    Sports link? Well, she loves sports and they seem to love her, remember this?...

Jeon Jun-Wooing

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    Jeon Jun-Woo, have you not seen Major League? Did Willie Mays Hayes not teach you the dangers of hitting hubris? The perils of premature pointing?

    Esteemed members of the cyber community, let's be done with the term "epic fail" when it comes to premature celebrations. Any and all premature celebrations shall henceforth be called Jun-Woos and they shall be stamped with a thumbnail picture of the would-have-been hero pointing out beyond the wall.

Manny Ramirez Sliding

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    Manny seems to be having a fair run as a member of Tawain's EDA Rhinos. He is dazzling fans with his play, but also with Manny being Manny. The latest in a long line of Manny moments has some great meme potential.

    I see Tweets and YouTube videos and Facebook pics of people fruitlessly reaching for a doorknob from across the room. Of cars parked ten feet in front of parking spots. Of men standing at the hand dryer and aiming for the urinal.

Filomena Finger Flinging

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    Show your displeasure by booing, but it'll just get lost in the audio haze of the stadium. So try the Filomena Finger Fling. Get that offending digit right up in your chosen villain's face. Make him feel the wind generated by your finger springing up. Dust him with that dirt under your nail. But most importantly, make sure cameras are rolling so the whole world can see you've got class.

Dwyane Wading

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    Hey, don't mock him; at one time people thought sagging was a ridiculous look. Besides, with climate change and all, we'll all be Dwyane Wading soon enough.


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    Hey, if Jimmy and Bradley play, we should all play.

    And don't even worry about buying the backboard; you can just gel up and make your own:


The Tiger Woods Tippling

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    Tiger Woods reportedly played the role of tippler on his night out at the Met Gala with Lindsey Vonn. And he offered up a lovely souvenir to the world—these pics.

    The picture on the left, should be captioned: "Your earlobes look like droopy boobies. Huh huh huh."

    The picture on the right should be captioned: "Did I just say that thing about your earlobes out loud?"

    Meme it up, folks. Tweet out those pics of you and your pals with your best Beavis grins, your best walking-dead gazes.

Adam Wainwrighting

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    Adam Wainwright still seems to be inventing his signature dance; in fact it may not even be a dance but a handshake. He hasn't quite decided yet. But once he irons out the details, we might all consider giving it a whirl.

Hallway Swimming

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    Now we can all be Phelpses and Lockes, right in our own schools and offices.


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    And then there is this, brought to you by Ogdom Chingdu of the Legends of Football League. Though I don't really see this one catching on among the hygienically-conscious.

George Maloofing

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    Also known as closet diving.

    It's what Sacramento Kings part co-owner George Maloof did instead of facing reporters at an NBA bog meeting.

    Reportedly, timid Georgie M made the mistake of opening the door for a moment and saw this:

    Source: twitter

Prince Fielder Flitting

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    Fielder took one frightening close to the pills in a May 2013 game against the Cleveland Indians and a new dance was born.

    There was the sockhop, the jitterbug, the electric slide, and now we have the Fielder Flit. Click here to see an animated GIF and learn the steps.

Joakim a-Noah-Ying

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    What can be more pleasant than two of your rivals feuding with each other? But don't just sit back and enjoy the show, get up in there and annoy the tar of out them with some maniacal clapping and squawking.

School Posterizing

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    This is fantastic! This is worth flunking out and staying in high school for an extra year (not really boys and girls).