Yelena Noah: Pictures of Bulls Star Joakim Noah's Model Sister

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMay 8, 2013

Photo Credit: The Big Lead
Photo Credit: The Big Lead

The Chicago Bulls are moving along nicely in the NBA playoffs, which has lead to moments that cause those watching from home to stop and wonder, wait, who's that?

In a moment that has hardly been rare, Joakim Noah went to the stands to greet one special somebody who was rooting louder than most—his sister Yelena. 

USA Today had its interest good and piqued by the following GIF from CJ Fogler

The young lady happens to be a model. USA Today is hardly the only one caught curious about this particular fan because Yelena has once again caused a stir around the nation. 

Paul Earvin @paulvor0n

Yelena Noah. Wow.

That's pretty much the sentiment all around Twitter. 

If the Bulls continue to build on a momentous Game 1 win over the Heat, the crowd will be a raucous one come Game 3 in Chicago.

Because peripherals can dominate a fan's attention just as much as the game at hand, we have no doubt the lovely Noah is about to become a star once again. 

For those uninitiated, Noah first caught the nation's attention back in 2011. After a Bulls and Pacers game in April, Big Lead reported she was a model and directed our attention to her page on The Fashion Spot

While no longer active, The Chicago Sun-Times managed to report the following description on her now deleted Facebook page. 

Yelena Noah a beauty queen, as the photos clearly illustrate. The daughter of French tennis star of the 1980s, Yannick Noah, and a former Miss Sweden, Cecilia Rhode, Yelena is a woman making her own mark in the world of high fashion. With her internationally famous and glamorous pedigree, Yelena remains very much grounded with a humble demeanour and endearing spirit that seems to embrace the simplicity of life when you have good expectations and pure wishes...

As if you didn't already have enough reasons to watch Game 2, Terez Owens stated that Noah should be in Miami. Cross your fingers accordingly.

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