NBA Officially Dead in Seattle: Arena Bill Fails To Get a Vote

Kevin NesgodaCorrespondent IApril 27, 2009

We’ve reached the end of our rope.

I hate to be cliché at the end, but I really don’t know how else to word it.

The legislature that represents me and the rest of my fellow Sonics fans let me down again—let us down again.

We have struggled as a unit for the better part of going on three years. Nine percent of my life has been consumed by the whole Sonics controversy—from the buying of the team by Clayton Ike (Turner) Bennett to tonight, when the legislature saw a bill that could have gotten us either $150M in free money for a renovation of Key Arena or $30M for the city of Seattle to help them battle a $43M shortfall this year.

Our legislature didn’t even vote on Senate Bill 6116.

After spending all day Saturday in Olympia, I felt optimism; I had a blast watching the debates and laws being passed in the Senate from the gallery.

One meeting with a Senator Mark Schoesler from District 9, which represents towns such as Cheney, Pullman, and the almighty Rockford, left me a bit disgruntled and frankly pissed off, because I had a feeling that his attitude was shared amongst others in the Senate.

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Jeremy, Deb, and myself tried to speak with Yosemite Sam in his office, as he held what appeared to be a two-foot-long stogey and would not listen to a single thing we said.

We tried to explain it wasn’t a new tax, but he kept on with the “no more new taxes...my word is my word.”

He didn’t care that it didn’t involve new taxes or even affected himself or his district of farmers.

So Senator Yosemite Sam, I hope your crops are fruitless and you struggle this year, because it is thinking like yours that keeps great bills like 6116 from being passed.

6116 affects only those districts within King County.

Yosemite Sam, only a community college (Spokane CC) graduate with an AA in agribusiness, refused to listen to actual legitimate college graduates, with actual facts and knowledge of said bill.

How ignorant and stupid can one be?

I’m sure the rest of the Eastern Washington side is going for this too under the token of, “No new taxes!”

Taxes they don’t have to pay; taxes they won’t ever get to use.

Maybe that’s it; maybe they want that tax money too. It appears that the WSU Cougars want it to help upgrade Martin Stadium—but no matter what they do, that place is still going to be a hole.

Point here is that maybe they should add a car rental, restaurant, and hotel tax in whatever county Pullman is in, and then the tax money over there can be used however that county wants to use it.

What right does the legislature have to tell King County what to do with taxes raised within the county and spent within the county?

It’s easy for some to blame the WSU Cougars on this, but it wasn’t them. It was our voted officials being misinformed, narrow visioned, and inactive.

I could not be madder.

For three years, I have fought side-by-side with you—attended games, rallies, written every senator, called every senator, gone to Olympia, and talked with senators and the governor face to face on this issue.

They have once again ignored our cries for help; they have once again broken the olive branch we have extended them.

Good people of Seattle, fellow Sonics fans, we have tried and screamed at the top of our lungs until we were blue in the face. We tried and we tried and should not feel down for the lack of our efforts. We should hold our heads high. We should look to our brothers and sisters in this fight and give thanks. It is well deserved on everyone’s part.

Also, please email Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles and give her thanks for her fight in this. She fought for the bill until the bitter end; she tried to get us 25 votes to get this bill to passed, she did. She stayed in contact with those of us who asked questions with the bill, and we must give her thanks for that.

We must give thanks to all those at Sonicscentral.com for their fight and information they provided for this fight. They were a valuable source and beacon of light for all of us during this.

Special thanks must go out to our fearless leader, Brian Robinson, who stayed through thick and thin, taking a leadership position that he didn’t ask for and running with us, the time and hours he put into this. The exhaustion and disappointment he must feel at this hour is probably great, but we must email or call him or text, and he must know our appreciation.

I could not ever say enough to him. He guided me through this fight and in some ways helped me be a better person. Just from our limited conversations we’ve had over the months, he’s definitely been of a great help.

And if you think this site isn’t going anywhere, you would be wrong on that accord. I will blog about how dumb it was for Oklahoma to make Clayton Ike (Turner) Bennett Oklahoman of the year for thievery and perjury. If that is the type of person they want to look up to, so be it. But we here in an educated city know better.

Too bad our uneducated mayor was misled by him and cost us our basketball team of 41 years.

For an appropriate end, let’s get together at Ozzie’s soon, have a drink, support the Queen Anne district that our state doesn’t care about, share our memories, and officially start our lives without the NBA and pray for a crippling lockout in 2011 and that the Hijack City Blunder will never win more than 25 games in a season.

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