WWE: Dolph Ziggler's World Heavyweight Title Run Will Not Last

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IIMay 3, 2013

Ziggler shocked the world and won the WHC on the Raw after WrestleMania. Photo Courtesy of WWE.com
Ziggler shocked the world and won the WHC on the Raw after WrestleMania. Photo Courtesy of WWE.com

A wise man once said, "All good things must come to an end."

A wiser man once said, "I'm so terrified the WWE is going to make Ziggler drop the strap at Extreme Rules that I've unplugged all of my electronics and am living off the grid until the pay-per-view match is over, because I can't take seeing him lose and get lost jobbing the main eventers again."

Unfortunately for the WWE Universe, at least Dolph Ziggler fans, they might want to start unplugging stuff because Ziggler simply may not last as the WWE's World Heavyweight Champion. 

The show stealer has already held the title for almost a month, after shocking the world on the first Monday Night Raw with his cash-in against an injured Alberto Del Rio. 

Since winning the World Heavyweight Championship a few weeks ago, Ziggler has been putting on some amazing matches, and even better for him and his fans, he has actually started winning, going 3-1 in singles competition. This is the same guy who won just one match from late January to March. 

While a few wins may look nice on paper, he hasn't even been the strongest looking competitor in the last week. Alberto Del Rio, thanks to Ricardo Rodriguez, gets to pick the Extreme Rules stipulation, and Ziggler has hardly been able to get out of the ring without the help of Big E and AJ. Looking at recent World Heavyweight Champions doesn't exactly help Ziggler's case either. 

Before Del Rio and Big Show had reigns that lasted a couple of weeks, he held the title for just around three months. 

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The WWE World Heavyweight Championship certainly hasn't seen many 434 day reigns, which isn't encouraging for Ziggler and his Dolphans. 

I mean, come on—Ziggler is one of the best workers in the WWE and definitely one of the best at taking bumps. Is the WWE really going to waste one of their best losers in a spot that has to win all the time? 

Ziggler is one of the brightest stars on the roster, but, like any good sports team, the WWE has to recognize his role in the business. Ziggler is one of the best-sellers in the game, and as champion, they'll take away one thing he's very good at—losing in spectacular fashion. 

Unless the WWE moves on with some of the plans that are floating around the rumor mill, Ziggler's title reign has no reason to last, especially with a triple threat coming up at Extreme Rules, a match that stacks the odds against the champ and a Del Rio feud that has a lot more fire behind it. 

Ziggler is exceptionally talented in the ring and on the mic, but being the World Heavyweight Champion right now just isn't the best way to utilize his talents. This reign won't last long, and unless Big E and AJ are on their game at Extreme Rules, the Champ might not leave St. Louis with his championship.