Report Card Grades for Indianapolis Colts' Undrafted Free-Agent Signings

Tyler Brooke@TylerDBrookeSenior Analyst IIMay 3, 2013

Report Card Grades for Indianapolis Colts' Undrafted Free-Agent Signings

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    The 2013 NFL draft was filled with plenty of very talented prospects, but there were a number of very talented players who went undrafted.

    The Colts have been busy since the draft, bringing in 10 undrafted free agents.  There's plenty to like about these additions, and a couple of things to be critical about.

    With so many guys coming in, let's go ahead and grade each addition to the team after the draft.

    These grades are based off of how they fit with the team, if they fill a need and overall how talented they are compared to other undrafted free agents.

Nigel Malone, CB, Kansas State

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    Grade: B

    The Colts brought in Nigel Malone, according to the Muncie Star Press

    This is a solid fit for the Colts.  They will be bringing in a tough corner listed at 5'10'' who isn't afraid to tackle and can play pretty well against more physical receivers.  He could fit well in nickel and dime packages, especially as a blitzer.

    The issue with Malone is he isn't elite in any category.  He isn't the fastest or biggest receiver, and he isn't the best in coverage.  However, he can bring some toughness to the secondary, which is something the Colts could use.

Nick Driskill, S, Mount Union

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    Grade: C

    Colts signed Nick Driskill, according to

    A two-time All-American in Division III, Driskill finished his senior year 101 tackles,14.5 of them for loss.  He helped lead his team to an undefeated season and a national championship.

    Bringing in a small-school safety is a nice story, but there's not really anything that shines about this addition.  The Colts already brought in help at safety John Boyett from Oregon, and there isn't an immediate need at the position.

    However, Driskill stood out at Mount Union, and he could find a way to try to make a difference on this team.  It's uncertain if he will make the final roster before the start of the season, but he will be working to prove himself.

Rodrick Rumble, WR, Idaho State

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    Grade: A-

    The Colts brought in Rodrick Rumble, according to a tweet by Mike Chappell.

    If this was based off of name alone, Rumble would definitely get an A+ grade without question.  Even without looking at the name, the Colts brought in a solid wide receiver.

    At 6'2'', Rumble has good size for a receiver.  He tore it up in the FCS with 223 catches for 2,863 yards and 18 touchdowns in his career. 

    The question will be if Rumble can put up solid numbers against bigger and faster competition.  With his solid size, he has the potential to be an NFL receiver.

Denodus O'Bryant, RB, Lindenwood

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    Grade: B-

    Colts signed Denodus O'Bryant, according to George Bremer of the Herald Bulletin.

    O'Bryant may have played at a smaller school, but he smoked the competition with ease.  He has some impressive speed and elusiveness to avoid tacklers.  He also has solid balance and can stay upright to keep running for extra yards.

    Again, playing at a lower level of college football makes the transition to the NFL that much harder.  With O'Bryant's speed, he could potentially find his way onto the team as a returner on punts or kicks.

Dan Moore, FB, Montana

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    Grade: C-

    Colts brought in Dan Moore, according to Phillip B. Wilson of the Indianapolis Star.

    Moore is an explosive fullback/running back who can make plays on the ground and in the passing game.

    Unfortunately, the Colts rarely use fullbacks and already added one in Stanley Havili in a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles.

    It will be tough for Moore to find a spot on this team.  The Colts almost never play using a fullback, and the odds of them keeping two on the roster are highly unlikely.

Brandon McManus, K/P, Temple

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    Grade: D+

    Colts signed Brandon McManus, according to Brad Wells of

    McManus was a kicker and punter at Temple, and did a pretty solid job at both.  However, there isn't a need for an extra kicker or punter on the final roster once the season begins.

    Pat McAfee has proved to be a great punter for the Colts and Adam Vinatieri is still here.  Until Vinatieri decides to retire, there's really no need to bring in another kicker.  They would be able to find one either in the draft or in free agency once Vinatieri calls it quits.

Emmett Cleary, OL, Boston College

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    Grade: C

    Mike Chappell confirmed Emmett Cleary signed with the Colts.

    Anthony Castonzo was actually roommates with Cleary for a time during their days at Boston College.  Cleary played right tackle until Castonzo left, them moved to left tackle.

    At the NFL level, Cleary isn't strong enough to play right tackle and isn't quick enough to play left tackle.  He will need time to develop, and the Colts will have to pray that their offensive line doesn't become plagued with injuries like it did in 2012.

Daxton Swanson, CB, Sam Houston State

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    Grade: B+

    George Bremer confirmed the Colts signed Daxton Swanson.

    Swanson has the size and speed to match up with guys in the slot and could also play on the outside against less physical receivers.  He has good instincts to get to the ball and can make plays on defense.

    This is a raw prospect, but he has plenty of upside.  The Colts could always use more help on defense, and Swanson has the potential to play in packages with extra defensive backs.

Lanear Sampson, WR, Baylor

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    Grade: B

    George Bremer also confirmed the signing of Lanear Sampson.

    Sampson is a deep threat at the receiver position.  He isn't the biggest guy or the fastest, but he finds ways to separate from the secondary and get open deep down the field. 

    The issue with Sampson is that he isn't a solid route-runner and doesn't make difficult catches.  He would have been a much better fit in 2012 for the Colts, when they were throwing deep passes play after play.

    Now, Sampson could be seen as a guy on third-and-long plays until he develops as a better all-around receiver.

Sheldon Price, CB, UCLA

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    Grade: B

    The official UCLA football Twitter account confirmed the signing of Sheldon Price.

    Price has the size at 6'2'' to eventually become an outside corner in the NFL.  He can press receivers well off of the line and can make plays thanks to his length.

    Even with the ideal size, Price is still an undeveloped prospect.  He will have to get better at staying with receivers on a consistent basis and do better at not making too much contact down the field and getting called with pass interference penalties.

    Overall, Price could certainly develop into a starter one day.  It will take some time, but he has the size and mentality to be a successful corner.