20 Plays That Made Announcers Lose Their Minds

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistMay 1, 2013

20 Plays That Made Announcers Lose Their Minds

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    We'd imagine that being a sports announcer can be a little difficult at times.

    Sure, being paid to have all-access passes to some of the best sporting events in the world isn't too tough, but when something amazing or bad happens, it can be hard for some to hold their true fanaticism.

    That's why we're giving you 20 instances where an announcer went nuts—both good and bad—proving that deep down, everyone is a fan.

Rivaldo Scores

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    Like some of the others on this list, we get a commentator who isn't speaking English, yet the outstanding reaction he gives listeners after seeing a goal is a universal language that we can all understand.

    This was during the quarterfinals of the 2002 World Cup, so we'll give the guy a pass since it was a all-or-nothing match.

"It Was a Clean Hit. It Was a Clean Hit It Was a Clean Hit"

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    We wonder what this announcer from a North American Hockey League game thought of this particular hit in the middle of the ice?

    Though most of the other play-by-play guys on this list are about insane goals, this is one that is about a penalty in which, to say the least, not everyone agreed with.

    Hey, was this a clean hit?

Spanish Basketball Commentator Goes Loco

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    Unfortunately we don't speak Spanish, but even without knowing a thing this guy is actually saying, we can all tell that he's pretty pumped about what's going on.

    Seeing that he lost his voice by the time the final shot actually went in is a pretty good indication of how excited he was throughout the ending of this game.

    He's like the Spanish Gus Johnson if you ask us.

"Good Morning! Good Afternoon! and Good Night Boston!"

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    This call comes courtesy of Washington Capitals radio announcer John Walton who, understandably, goes a little overboard with the tone of his voice after the Caps ousted the then defending Stanley Cup champion Bruins in the playoffs last season.

    Given the magnitude of the overtime moment, we can't necessarily blame the guy for being so amped up.

"Touchdown Pierre Johnsonnnnnnnnnn!"

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    Is it just us, or does this just seem like the announcer is really just comedian Rob Riggle on the mic—as it sounds eerily familiar.

    What makes this great is that, not only is it in a pee-wee football game, but the dude's broadcasting live throughout the entire stadium, working as the PA and game announcer.

    His excitement was sure to have left a smile on these little guys' faces.

"Danny Hart Is on the Ride of His Lifetime!"

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    Competitive mountain biking isn't really a sport many of us probably watch on the reg, if ever.

    But after hearing this commentator lose it over biker Danny Hart's balls-to-the-wall run down a slick and wet trail, maybe we should all get a little more interested.

"They Should Throw Him Outta the League on That Call"

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    The Boston Celtics color commentator Tommy Heinsohn hasn't been shy about voicing his opinions over the years.

    But hearing his disagreement to this call on the Celts' Kevin Garnett, well, as you'll see, is pretty darn epic.

    Heinsohn's been at his post for the Celts since 1981, so it's pretty hilarious that this is the call he finds as the worst he's ever seen.

"Viva Ibra! Viva Ibra! Viva Ibra!"

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    Good Lord.

    This dude may not have been the commentator calling the game, but based off his reaction to a Zlatan Ibrahimovic goal while still playing for AC Milan, that might be a good thing.

    It takes a lot to shut an entire room up, but he was able to accomplish just that during his hysterical rant in the studio.


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    Anytime there's a buzzer beater in basketball, any spectator earns the right to go H.A.M.—unless it comes against your team—so seeing the crowd rush the floor to celebrate Butler's "upset" of Gonzaga is cool with us.

    Just as legit is the Bulldogs' radio announcer acting like each one of those college kids—minus the whole storming the court thing.

"Cry Me a River"

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    Sports announcer Jack Edwards might best be known for his stint as a host on ESPN's Sportscenter, but since taking over the Bruins play-by-play gig back in 2005, he's given us even more memorable moments.

    One of those is this laughing mockery of Flyers fans after their disbelief in a non-call between Boston and Philly a couple years ago.

    It's obvious that he definitely writes his own stuff

"Give Me an Oxygen Tank"

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    This guy is in love with Real Madrid's goalie Iker Casillas' save against Mallorca—but not so fond of the making out sesh by Hollywood actor Tom Cruise in the stands.

    His name is Ray Hudson, and he's a king at great calls.

    While Hudson's excited about the big stop by Casillas, he almost seems more passionate with the fact that Cruise just doesn't get the "gladiators" that are on the pitch.

Korean Swimmer Wins Gold

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    If you just heard the audio from this commentator, you might think he was doing something more reserved between the sheets than in a press box, but low and behold, he was just announcing the 400-meter freestyle at the '08 Olympics.

    Dude definitely showed us his o-face with this crazy reaction.

"It's the Most Unbelievable Shot I've Ever Seen in My Life"

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    For the announcers health, thank goodness the camera's cut away for a couple minutes, otherwise we would have been concerned the guy's heart was going to explode.

    Having someone bury a three-quarters length shot is something rarely seen, but wow, what a reaction that's almost never been duplicated before either.

Manny Ramirez Goes Yard

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    We get it.

    When former MLB All-Star signed in China with the EDA Rhinos, it was a pretty big deal for the baseball-crazed country.

    And if there were any doubts just how excited people over there were, just listen in on this commentator who went berserk following "Man Ram's" first homer for his new team.

"Aguero! Aguero! Aguero!"

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    Don't even ask us to try and translate what this Arabic commentator is relaying back to the listeners, because we have no idea.

    What we do know is that the Manchester City goal earned "The Blues" their first Premier League title since 1968, meaning his crazed reaction is more than justified.

"Right Place, Right Time. Brandon Stokley"

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    Oh Gus Johnson, what would we do without your voice?

    Johnson is infamous for his over-the-top excitement when it comes to calling games, but in this instance, we absolutely think it is OK.

    With a tipped ball in the waning moments of an NFL game, there wasn't anything Gus could do but go insane.

Etienne Brodeur's Game-Winner

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    We don't know what's better in this video, the European soccer-like goal reaction by the commentator, or Etienne Brodeur's "worm" all the way down the ice?

    It's a tough decision, but one thing is certain—the place turned into a madhouse.

"You Are Watching What Greatness Is All About in the IHSA"

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    First off, how about the kids name who buries the game-winning trey?

    Lexus "Hot Rod" Williams?

    That sounds like a mix between the greatest porn name in history and former NBA player John "Hot Rod" Williams, making for one hilarious visual.

    Announcer Brian Snow lets it be known just how much he loves Lexus, as he loses his voice celebrating a Marist regional final win.

    Imagine how he would have reacted had this been the State final?

"Goal! Goal! Goal! Goal! Goal! Goal!"

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    We've heard some great falsetto's in our day, but we honestly think this one takes the cake.

    Though he's not out there singing his ass off, this commentator sounds like a recurring alarm that just won't stop, expressing his excitement for a goal.

    Not sure he's a guy we'd want to watch a game with, but we admire his passion.

"Nuts and Bolts, We Got Screwed"

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    This call from a high school football game is like that car wreck on the side of the street that you just can't stop looking at.

    Each time we listen to it, it reminds us why no grown man should be broadcasting high school games, as their school pride can get the best of them at times.

    We're pretty certain one of the dude's actually opened the press box door to voice his opinion, which is absolutely phenomenal.