The 2009 NFL Draft Live Blog

John LorgeSenior Writer IApril 25, 2009

NEW YORK - APRIL 24: (L-R) NFL draft prospects Eugene Monroe, Virginia, Brian Cushing, USC, Aaron Curry, Wake Forest, Jason Smith, Baylor, Matthew Stafford, Georgia, Brian Orakpo, Texas, Josh Freeman, Kansas State, Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech, and Michael Oher, Mississippi, pose atop the Radio City Music Hall marquee April 24, 2009 in New York City. (Photo by Jonathan Fickies/Getty Images)

Finally, the 2009 NFL Draft is here.

I’m sure you’ve mocked yourself out by now and all you care about is seeing how thew draft will fall out.

The chips, dips, and beverages have been bought.  I am in draft HQ with my buddies PJ and Scott - we have NFL Network on one TV and ESPN on the other.

During the draft we’ll be playing a mock draft game (1 point for correct team & pick number, half points for correct team or pick number) as well as predicting the players pick by pick.

I’ll also be playing ESPN’s Streak for the Draft game.

Throughout the day I will be updating you with all things important, analytical, speculative, and funny so be sure to check back often.

You can also interact by posting comments and I WILL respond.

1:04 PM (PST):  It looks like the Lions weren’t even going to let Goodell leave the stage.  There’s nothing better than watching the number one pick coming to the stage with boos from the New York fans.

1:25 PM: Jackson was the first blown pick in my mock, as we're watching the highlights PJ is yelling, "BUST".  Jackson won't have great stats but he can be disruptive and make an impact on every down.  It looks like the Seahawks will be taking Curry, extending my Streak for the Draft to two.

1:39 PM: Like when the Ultimate Warrior used to run into the run to the ring the Radio City Music Hall is exploding.  Sanchez will be the next quarterback of the Jets. 

This is a huge move by Rex Ryan’s Jets.  NY will be playing the same style of defense Baltimore played last year.  The Jets will control the pace of the game and allow Sanchez to be successful by focusing on risk mitigation.

PJ’s dad, Lou, a lifelong Jets fan said this is the first time in 45 years he has been happy with the Jets pick. 

New York is making a statement.

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1:56 PM:  Al Davis drops a bomb!  Oakland did it!  Heyward-Bey is a Raider and Al Davis has to hope DHB isn’t a bust because they may have just passed on the next great receiver for the most Jekyll and Hyde player in the draft.

2:21 PM:  Crabtree is going to SF and has a reason to put it on Oakland every time they meet across the Bay.  In the top ten this is easily the steal.  In two years he has had more experience running routes and catching passes in football games than most seniors.  “Draft Streak” is at 5.

2:36 PM: My Streak broke on the Moreno selection.  I really like the pick by Denver because Moreno is one of my top 10 players but I was almost certain they were going to draft defense.

3:13 PM:
  The Browns have to have set a record for most trades in the first round.  It looks like they may be targeting Clay Matthews at 21 now.

I though Maclin would go at 17 so I am not surprised with the pick at 19.  Philly has made a very good pick here.  McNabb has another weapon to throw to and it was a great value pick.   

If Detroit goes heavy my “Streak” will be back to four.

3:51 PM: It looks like the Pats are looking at trading the pick putting my sixth pick streak in jeopardy.  Plenty of talent on the board, it looks like they are targeting a UConn player in the second round.

4:31 PM: The “Pittsburg Steelers world champion Super Bowl champions” draft Ziggy Hood to close out the first round.  Solid pick although there is a lot of corner back talent on the board.

So far it looks like the Raiders ad the biggest reach in the draft and because of it the 49ers get the biggest steal.

Until the second-round that is.

5:00 PM: Rey Maualuga is the steal of Day One no doubt.  You cannot get better value in a football player than this.  He is a Pro Bowl player and a difference player on D.

The Pats are up soon, is Connor Barwin their man?

5:39 PM: The Raiders have just made a second overdraft by taking Michael Mitchell, a safety out of Ohio.  Mike Mayock admitted he hasn’t known Mitchell’s name for more than a month.  Sorry Oakland, it’s going to be a long road.