MLB Power Rankings: Week Four (April 25)

Mark Jones@@CanesReportSenior Analyst IApril 25, 2009

BOSTON - APRIL 24: Kevin Youkilis #20 of the Boston Red Sox celebrates his game-winning home run in the 11th inning against the New York Yankees at Fenway Park, April 24, 2009, in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Team of the Week: Boston Red Sox (pictured above)

Upon overwhelming requests for a change in my rankings system, the rankings system now goes like this....

Last Season's Success......20%

Success this season.........50%

Current Streak...............25%


Anyway, however I rank them, here is the latest edition of Mark Jones' MLB Power Rankings: Week Four.

LW.....Last Week's Ranking

1. (LW-4) Los Angeles Dodgers (12-5)

Man-Ram may not be the only player having a great season in LA this year, but he's definitely done the trick for the Dodgers. Look for them to go far in the playoffs.

2. (LW-10) St. Louis Cardinals (12-5)

Pujols (BA .355, 5 HR, 21 RBI) and Ludwick (BA .364, 6 HR, 19 RBI) are leading the way for the high-flying Cardinals (no pun intended), and St. Louis may already be looking forward to a second World Series title in four years.

3. (LW-2) Boston Red Sox (10-6)

After a horribly disappointing first couple weeks, the Red Sox have gotten back to their expected pace with an explosive eight straight wins. Youkilis has emerged as a sensational batter (replacing Ortiz, who's been approaching the benchwarmer phase), and his .433 batting average just goes to show why Boston is on fire.

4. (LW-14) Toronto Blue Jays (13-5)

After a string of continuous "mediocre" seasons, the Blue Jays may finally be emerging as a contender. The pitching has been nearly the best in the league, and Hill (leading the Jays in nearly every stat) has given Toronto the best record in the AL.

5. (LW-6) New York Yankees (9-7)

As much as I despise the Yankees, I have to say, they are having a respectable season so far. Nick Swisher (BA .302, 4 HR, 12 RBIs) han proved to be an unexpected surprise star, too.

6. (LW-8) Florida Marlins (11-5)

After a terrific 11-1 start, the Marlins have apparently lost their magic. Still, Florida seems to have quite a bit to look forward to this autumn.

7. (LW-5) Philadelphia Phillies (7-8)

The defending World Series champs haven't been that impressive so far this season. However, though, I do have to commend them on that ninth inning comeback (down 3-0, and got seven runs in the top of the ninth, for those of you who don't know) against Florida yesterday.

8. (LW-3) Chicago Cubs (8-7)

Decent yet not spectacular start for the Cubs, despite having strange antics popping up wherever they go. They might want to get around to stopping that losing streak soon, though.

9. (LW-12) Minnesota Twins (8-9)

10. (LW-1) Tampa Bay Rays (7-10)

Well, the Rays sure felt the heat of my ranking system change. They dropped 10 spots, for starters, although no one can say they didn't deserve it.

11. (LW-9) New York Mets (7-9)

Ho-hum first month for the Mets. We'll just have to keep waiting to see what's up with them.

12. (LW-24) Kansas City Royals (9-7)

Although they're just two games above .500, the Royals have actually looked like a team this April. I doubt they'll keep it up, though.

13. (LW-7) Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (6-10)

Eh...yikes. Not looking too good for the Angels so far.

14. (LW-22) San Diego Padres (10-6)

Well, the Padres sure are having a refreshing season (for once!). Gonzalez (BA .310, 6 HR, 12 RBIs) has really emerged as a breakout team leader.

15. (LW-13) Chicago White Sox (8-8)

Chicago haven't been too bad yet, but last night's 14-0 whipping (by the Blue Jays, no less) was punishment enough for the 'Sox.

16. (LW-11) Atlanta Braves (8-8)

A lucky win in Cincinnati yesterday, but they'll take it. Pitcher Javier Vasquez hasn't been too bad, either.

17. (LW-25) Seattle Mariners (11-6)

Well, it's certainly nice to see the the lowly Mariners' time to shine. However, it's up to us to wonder just how long it may last (my vote, folks: about one more day).

18. (LW-24) Cincinnati Reds (9-7)

After a surprising yet intriguing 7-3 road trip (which included winning all three series), the Reds come home looking for a chance to finally accomplish consistent winning for the first time in a long time! And pitch 13 walks in a devastating 4-3 loss to Atlanta...

19. (LW-18) Detroit Tigers (8-8)

20. (LW-27) Pittsburgh Pirates (9-7)

Well, not a sensational month for the Pirates, but fairly good for them.

21. (LW-20) Cleveland Indians (6-11)

The trendy preseason pick to be a talented surprise has failed. Big-time.

22. (LW-17) Arizona Diamondbacks (6-10)

Although no Diamondback fan certainly hoped to be 6-10 nearing the end of April, it's better than what we thought they'd be now around a week ago.

23. (LW-19) Texas Rangers (7-9)

24. (LW-16) Milwaukee Brewers (7-9)

Blah. Boring. Better pick up the pace, Brewers.

25. (LW-15) Oakland A's (5-10)

26. (LW-21) Baltimore Orioles (8-9)

8-9 was obvious not desired after the first month, but once again, for the Orioles, that's pretty good. Still, a bad slump in the past week needs to be turned around.

27. (LW-28) San Francisco Giants (7-8)

Once again, not spectacular, but a surprising so-so April for the Giants.

28. (LW-26) Colorado Rockies (5-10)

29. (LW-29) Houston Astros (6-11)

30. (LW-30) Washington Nationals (3-11)

***insert atomic bomb sound here***

It'll improve mankind, at least.


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