The Top 10 On-Screen Couples in WWE History

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistApril 26, 2013

The Top 10 On-Screen Couples in WWE History

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    Everyone has heard the quote "Behind every great man, there is a great woman."

    While nobody knows exactly where this quote originated, there is no denying that WWE storylines have often been driven by this very concept.

    Whether the pairings were romantic or just business, on-screen or real-life, there have been many Diva/Superstar pairings in WWE have that have left their mark on history.

    Let's take a look back through the years and count down the top 10 couples in WWE history.

Honorable Mention: Lilian Garcia and The Rock

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    OK, so these two do not qualify as a couple per se, but it must be noted that many of The Rock's funniest moments happened when he was flirting with Lilian Garcia.

    Whether he did it to make her laugh, make her uncomfortable or just work a funny line into a promo, it was always entertaining to see these two interact.

    The Rock has made references to those times during some of his promos during his most recent run, which will bring back fond memories for fans of that era.

    It could have been strudel, pie or any other food reference Rocky could work in there, they always made people laugh.

10. Kane and Lita

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    Any couple who has a storyline that results in Gene Snitsky kicking a fake baby into the crowd has to be included on this list.

    Kane and Lita had one of the most controversial storylines in WWE history due to the storyline miscarriage of Lita's baby at the hands of Snitsky.

    We also have to remember that this storyline involved Kane giving the Tombstone piledriver to a priest during Edge and Lita's wedding.

    You would be hard-pressed to find another couple with as many issues as Kane and Lita had.

9. Triple H and Chyna

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    A few couples who were real items backstage ended up having their storylines and real lives become blurred. Triple H and Chyna were one of those couples.

    Chyna and Triple H made history when they formed DX with Shawn Michaels and became the most talked-about group in wrestling, but the situation backstage ended up becoming awkward for all involved.

    Once it was discovered that Triple H was involved with Stephanie McMahon, Chyna was taken off of television and eventually parted ways with the company.

    Sometimes what happens in real life is more sordid than anything the writers can come up with.

8. Goldust and Marlena

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    Goldust and Marlena made making other people uncomfortable into an artform.

    Terri and Dustin Runnels were two people who fans just couldn't figure out. Goldust would be passionate towards her while also acting interesting in his opponents.

    A storyline involving Brian Pillman "winning" Marlena after a match was cut short by the passing of Pillman, and after that the couple never really found their stride again.

    When the couple parted ways in real life, WWE brass tried everything they could to find separate roles for the two, but they will always be linked as Marlena and Goldust.

7. Eddie Guerrero and Chyna

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    For the better part of 2000, Eddie Guerrero and Chyna were one of the more entertaining storylines in WWE.

    Latino Heat was the one who began the relationship by pursuing Chyna, but eventually their union dissolved and they went their separate ways.

    Chyna might be best known for her time in DX and as the first woman to hold the IC title, but her time with Eddie Guerrero produced some of the best segments of her career.

6. Sensational Sherri and Shawn Michaels

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    While never a romantic pairing, Michaels and Martel were one of the most formidable male/female pairings in WWE history.

    Sherri helped groom Michaels and turn him from an energetic Rocker to the Heartbreak Kid.

    She helped him win countless matches, a few titles and unfortunately cost him his fair share of matches as well.

    Sherri Martel will go down as one of the best women in the history of the business, and some of that success is due to her time with Michaels.

5. Vince and Linda McMahon

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    How can any list of the best couples in WWE history be complete without the McMahons?

    Vince was the brain behind the machine, but it was Linda who helped guide the company to the global giant they have become.

    Not only were they a great pair behind the scenes, but there are many memorable segments involving he McMahon family. Specifically Linda and Vince.

    You have to give credit to a guy who will allow his head to be shoved in Big Show's crack and a woman who will take a Stone Cold Stunner.

4. Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire

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    Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire stand out as one of the more unique pairings in WWE history.

    The polka-dots and dancing made them a family-friendly gimmick, and they were somewhat ahead of their time if you really think about it.

    In today's world of six packs, hair products and personal trainers, you would be hard-pressed to find many Superstars or Divas who are not incredible physical specimens.

    Sure, you have guys like Brodus Clay, Tensai and Big Show. The non-typical WWE body-types. But there is not a single Diva today who breaks the mold physically.

    Kharma would have been that Diva, but numerous circumstances led to her parting ways with WWE before she had a chance to make any kind of impact..

    If two Superstars like Dusty and Sapphire were introduced today, there would be people in the media who would applaud WWE for having characters of all shapes and sizes.

    Back in the early '90s, for some reason, they did not seem that progressive. It makes you think about how those kinds of perceptions have changed over the years.

3. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

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    The Billion Dollar Princess and The King of Kings are the definition of a WWE power couple. Hell, they wrote the book on the subject.

    Whether you think their success was due to behind-the-scenes power or not, you cannot deny that Stephanie and Triple H had some very entertaining moments together.

    The storyline involving Triple H drugging Stephanie and taking her to a drive-thru chapel in Las Vegas is something WWE would not even consider doing today, but back then, it made for great television.

    These days you do not see much from Stephanie, and Trips comes and goes as he is needed, but throughout the years, they have maintained their position of most powerful couple in WWE history.

2. Edge and Lita

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    Edge and Lita are a prime example of a real-life situation that was brought into storylines and having it work really well.

    The situation involving Matt Hardy was painful for everyone involved, but in the end, they all moved on and their careers benefited greatly from having had such a unique storyline.

    Their so-called live-sex celebration was one of the last truly controversial things that happened on WWE TV before the PG era took over.

    Edge and Lita were together in WWE for a long time, but Lita eventually left the company and Edge was forced to retire due to an injury.

    Regardless of the circumstances behind them coming together, their relationship was one of the best pairings in WWE history.

1. Macho Man Randy Savage and Elizabeth

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    Macho Man Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth are no longer with us, but they will always be remembered as WWE's greatest couple.

    Their in-ring wedding is one of the most memorable moments in WWE history, and their countless matches together helped build them into the greatest couple in WWE history.

    Their wedding might have the distinction of being the only WWE wedding not to end in shambles.

    As a heel, Savage would often get jealous of the wrestlers who had eyes for Elizabeth, but as a face, there was no one who jumped to defend her honor quicker than Macho Man.

    WCW managed to ruin the storyline Savage/Elizabeth relationship like they did with so many programs they inherited from WWE by stealing their talent, but fans of the two will always look back on their time in the WWE with fond memories.

    Thanks for reading and feel free to share any WWE couples you feel were left off the list.

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