WWE Raw: The Shield Defeat Undertaker, Team Hell No and What It Means

SMG@sethguttAnalyst IIApril 23, 2013

The Shield defeated Undertaker and Team Hell No on Raw. What does this mean for each competitor? (photo courtesy of daniel-bryan.net)
The Shield defeated Undertaker and Team Hell No on Raw. What does this mean for each competitor? (photo courtesy of daniel-bryan.net)

On Raw, The Shield defeated Team Hell No and The Undertaker in what many fans will consider the match of the night. With this win, The Shield continue their undefeated streak as a threesome. However, it was Daniel Bryan who was pinned, allowing The Undertaker to look as strong as possible in his loss.

What does this win mean for The Shield? For Team Hell No? For Undertaker?

For the Undertaker, it means his career is not over. This was the first time Undertaker competed in a match on Raw in approximately three years. Each WrestleMania, there is speculation that it could be the end of Undertaker’s wrestling career.

Having the Undertaker compete in a six-man tag match allowed him to compete in an easier situation. Kane and Daniel Bryan spent more time in the match than Undertaker, but that didn’t matter. Fans in London’s O2 Arena and those watching at home were still given the pleasure of watching Undertaker compete in a non-WrestleMania match.

For The Shield, the win could lead to a tag team title reign. No team has been able to defeat Team Hell No when the titles are on the line. At the same time, no team has been able to defeat The Shield in tag team action. The match on Raw easily sets up a match at WWE Extreme Rules 2013. The question that remains is how the match will be set up.

Will it be a handicap match with all three members of The Shield against Team Hell No?

Will the Undertaker look for revenge and join the match?

Either way, the tag titles need to be on the line. The Shield is the perfect team to become new champions. They are young, up-and-coming Superstars who are clearly being built as the future top stars of WWE. Ambrose’s promo skills are phenomenal, and Rollins may end up as a top babyface at some point.

The Shield’s win may also lead to the end of Team Hell No as a tag team. Kane and Daniel Bryan have been together since September 2012. Time and time again, it has seemed as though Team Hell No might break up.

When Team Rhodes Scholars joined together, I was under the impression they would be the team to dethrone Kane and Daniel Bryan. At WrestleMania, I thought Kane and Bryan would be facing each other. Instead, WWE chose to keep the two together, and now The Shield’s win over them for the titles will be even bigger. Also, it will be the perfect opportunity for Kane and Bryan to go their separate ways.

Bryan should be competing against Dolph Ziggler for the world heavyweight title. Ziggler and Bryan have great chemistry and provided fans with some of the best matches each week on Raw and SmackDown.

Bryan was a dark horse to win the Royal Rumble match. If he had won, and Ziggler had cashed in earlier, it would have set up the match for WrestleMania. Instead, Bryan needs to break away and once again become a top singles Superstar competing for a world title in WWE.

The Shield’s win over Undertaker and Team Hell No will prove to be the end for Kane and Daniel Bryan as tag team champions but not the end for the Undertaker’s career.

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