Ranking All of Chris Jericho's Non-Wrestling Projects

Sharon GlencrossContributor IApril 12, 2013

Ranking All of Chris Jericho's Non-Wrestling Projects

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    One thing is for sure: When it comes to outside projects, Chris Jericho isn't afraid to try anything.

    Sticking to wrestling? Hah! This guy wants to do it all.

    Over the years, the Canadian star has tried his hand at a few different careers, often taking sabbaticals from his WWE duties to do so. Some of the projects worked out, some didn't. But you have to give the man credit for trying.

    With this in mind, let's take a look at these side projects...

5. DownFall

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    This short-lived 2010 ABC game show, which Jericho hosted, had the rather wacky premise of contestants having to guess the correct answers to general knowledge questions before their prospective prizes were thrown over the edge of a building.

    Oh, and if things went really bad, the contestant's partner would get thrown over too!

    So, yeah. Someone thought this would actually a good idea for a show. Credit to Jericho, he performed well in his role as host, but even he couldn't rescue this debacle.

    Unsurprisingly, the show did terrible ratings and was pulled after just five weeks on the air (TvSeriesFinale via PWInsider).

4. As an Author

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    Chris Jericho has so far released two biographies: 2007's A Lion's Tale: Around the World in Spandex and 2011's Undisputed: How to Become World Champion in 1,372 Easy Steps

    Both books are witty, well-written and imbued with a candid honesty than many wrestling biographies simply don't have.They are also helped by the fact that Jericho, as he has noted to The Sun newspaper in the past, refused to use a ghost-writer like so many others.

    This helps in making the book come off as more genuine and poignant. Notably, the segment in Undisputed in which he deals with the Chris Benoit tragedy is one of the best and most informative things anyone in wrestling has had to say on the matter.

    Impressively, Undisputed also made the prestigious best-seller list in the New York Times

    Subscribing to the Mick Foley theory that you can never write too many books about yourself, Jericho has mentioned on Twitter that he is currently working on his third book. We can't wait.

3. Dancing with the Stars

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    OK, so the ABC reality show Dancing with the Stars probably isn't your average WWE fan's cup of tea. But still, getting a spot on the highly-watched program and lasting a good few weeks before getting eliminated, as Jericho did in 2011, was quite the coup. It also helped boost the star's profile in the mainstream greatly.

    And the cool part? Jericho actually proved himself to be a very good, competent dancer. Brodus Clay only wishes he were half that good.

2. Robot Combat League

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    After the Downfall disaster, Jericho decided to return again to TV hosting this year with SyFy's Robot Combat League, a show about giant fighting robots. Basically, it's a real-life version of Hugh Jackman's Real Steel movie.

    Thankfully TV hosting worked out for the former WWE champion considerably better this time, and Robot Combat League debuted to great ratings in February.

    Now let's just hope those massive killer robots don't rebel any time soon, escape from the show and try to enslave humanity. Or have I just been watching too many Terminator movies?

1. Fozzy

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    Generally, wrestlers going into music doesn't work out too well. Hey, just check out any of the "songs" Jeff Hardy's awful band has churned out recently. Or Randy Savage's unintentionally hilarious 2003 rap album Be a Man.

    But Jericho has actually found real success with his heavy metal band Fozzy, with the group making the official billboard charts on more than one occasion.

    WWE has also used the band's music, with "Enemy" being the official tune for 2005's No Way Out pay-per-view. TNA also used the track for one of its events too.

    Fozzy may not be one of the all-time great heavy metal bands, but all things considered, they have emerged as a very respectable musical act in recent years.