5 Fun Possible WWE Championship Belt Customizations

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterApril 10, 2013

5 Fun Possible WWE Championship Belt Customizations

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    Future WWE champs are going to have fun customizing their title belts.

    The new WWE Championship offers the wearer side plates on which to insert one's own personal symbols, be it bull, bear or shamrock.

    Not long after he won the title from The Rock, John Cena had an a-ok symbol and "U can't see me" placed on the championship. On his recent media tour, Cena posed with Michelle Beadle, showing off the new title.

    Can't stop The Champ today! @johncena hangs with #WWE superfan @michelledbeadle of The @crossover #TheChampIsHere twitter.com/WWE/status/321…

    — WWE (@WWE) April 8, 2013

    Once he loses that title, what will the next champs insert onto their own belts? The following is a list of WWE stars whose symbols would make for entertaining championship customizations.

    How likely it is for these men to actually beat Cena is another matter, but should they win, they'd be reigning in style.


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    One of the most obvious choices for a customized WWE title is a man who has already toyed with the concept. Sheamus tweeted the changes he'd like to make to the championship.

    Here's the only improvement I'd make to the new #WWE Championship belt. Well, #StPatricksDay's a coming ;) twitter.com/WWESheamus/sta…

    — Sheamus (@WWESheamus) February 21, 2013

    His Irish nationality makes for easy visual interpretations of his character. His Celtic Warrior gimmick could be played up with the Celtic cross on one side of the belt. The shamrock is a highly recognizable symbol of Ireland for the other side plate.

    He's already won the WWE title, so it's easy to imagine him wearing it once again in the near future.

Cody Rhodes

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    Pluck the mustache/comb from Cody Rhodes’ T-shirt and you have a fun, distinctive image to pop onto a WWE title.

    Getting that strip of dastardly looking facial hair has been the best career move for Rhodes. Fans have chanted for that mustache more than they have for him.

    With Rhodes being bumped off WrestleMania 29, it doesn't look a WWE title reign is imminent for him, though. When Rhodes gets his turn at the top, the buzz over his facial hair may be over. Judging by the speed of his current ascension, the title may not even be the same design by that time.

    Should Rhodes find a way to win before that, his title would be among the coolest.

Mark Henry

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    The World's Strongest Man lost to John Cena on Monday's Raw, failing to earn himself a title shot in the process.

    Should Mark Henry get another chance, his newest T-shirt offers a intriguing design for the championship side plates.

    The bent barbell symbolizes both his powerlifting background and his destructive tendencies. It's not an image long associated with Henry, but it would still be a fun addition to the belt. For the other side, he could add the initials for his nickname,"WSM."

Kofi Kingston

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    Kofi Kingston is the least likely of this bunch to win the title, but should he pull off the upset, his title design would among the most fun.

    The cartoon version of Kofi's face and hair could go on one of the side plates. His newest symbol, the "I can fly" logo, could go on the other one.

    The latter is not as recognizable, but it balances out the goofiness of the former. The design would have the same energy that Kofi brings to the ring. Kofi's version of the title could be a big seller among the kiddos.

CM Punk

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    CM Punk isn't far removed from a 434-day reign as WWE champ, so it's not likely he'll be wearing that new title anytime soon.

    Should he earn his third WWE Championship, his version would be among the most fun. On one side, he could put a taped fist with an X on it. It's the symbol representing his straight-edge status that was part of the New Nexus logo as well.

    For the other side, Punk could go with one of his most famous tattoos, the Pepsi logo.

    The large red and blue image is playful and unique. Perhaps WWE and Pepsi can work out some sort of sponsorship deal during his reign.

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