Michigan's Spike Albrecht Takes Mad Game to Twitter with Kate Upton Post

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterApril 9, 2013

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Spike Albrecht is still feeling it.

Well after a first half that made him a March Madness superstar, the Michigan player decided to tweet a heat check of sorts to Kate Upton:

@kateupton hey saw you at the game last night, thanks for coming out! Hope to see you again 😉

— spike albrecht (@SpikeAlbrecht) April 9, 2013

If I might translate, Albrecht is merely asking Upton if she happened to see the 17 points on 6-of-9 shooting he produced off the bench for Michigan, because if she had, maybe there is some coffee in her future. 

We all know Upton likes stirring feats of athletic accomplishment, as evidenced by the incessant rumors that surround the supermodel and Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander

That being the case, maybe she happened to take in all four three-pointers Albrecht knocked down to put the Wolverines up in the waning moments of the first half. 

Look, the freshman guard is just throwing it out there, but if you are interested in things that are awesome and guys who absolutely dominate, he will be by the phone. 

For those uninitiated, USA Today has a great breakdown of Albrecht and his amazing performance during a brief moment in the spotlight in Monday night's championship game against Louisville:

His performance would have been remarkable in any circumstance, but was especially stunning given the eight minutes and 1.8 points he averaged this season.

-- He had 24 points in Big Ten games. Combined.

-- It took him the first 10 regular season games to get to the 17-point mark.

-- Albrecht hit four three-pointers in the first half. From Christmas until the end of Michigan's regular season, he hit a total of four three-pointers.

It's Albrecht's world. We just weren't given the memo until Monday night. 

As for Upton, she was indeed at the title game and was all in for Michigan, based on a couple of tweets:

Kate Upton @KateUpton

Go blue https://t.co/dAfM0iAx1E

Kate Upton @KateUpton

Yayyy @lucyaragon @David_Upton_ http://t.co/fTrpaYr4Lc

Now, as of this writing, Upton has not tweeted back to Albrecht, but that's not a problem. The young man proved last night he is more than capable of being patient and waiting his turn. 

Once he gets an opportunity to shine under the bright lights, though, he gets straight buckets. 

I see the kid working, and you have to respect the game. He could have taken the loss last night and sulked back to the bench. 

Instead, he is heading to the big time, becoming an unlikely hero from a defeated team, a young athlete every sports fan can appreciate. 

You drop your threes and ask out your models, Spike. You earned it. 

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