WWE: Donald Trump Challenges Vince McMahon to Match at WrestleMania 30

Christopher Olmstead@@whooyouknowitSenior Analyst IIIApril 7, 2013


Last night was the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony.

Like in years prior, the class of 2013 provided some memorable moments. The exchange between Mick Foley, Chris Jericho and CM Punk was awesome. The announcement that Trish Stratus is expecting a baby in September was touching. And then there was one Donald Trump.

Trump was for the most part booed out of the building last night. However, while he was there, he decided to drop a shocker of his own. Trump challenged Vince McMahon to a match at WrestleMania 30.

According to a recap of the night's events on WrestlingInc.com, Marc Middleton reported that Trump claimed he wanted to "break pay-per-view records." Trump would go on to make his WrestleMania 30 challenge to McMahon.

After the event, WWE Active caught up with McMahon. Naturally, the challenge by Trump was discussed.

I think that McMahon makes a very good point. He and trump are both in their 60s. Honestly, is there anything that these two men could do in a wrestling ring that fans would be interested in seeing?

I believe that having McMahon vs. Trump on the card would most certainly be a draw. However, there just isn't any way that they could put together a high-quality singles match. The last thing fans would want to see is one of them getting hurt in the ring.

Now just because I don't think they should wrestle each other, it doesn't mean that they shouldn't do something together.

I know the whole my-guy-versus-your-guy thing has been done with them before in their hair vs. hair match. If WWE were to do it right, something like that could be done again. Just for the record, I have no interest in seeing another hair vs. hair match.

Instead, I would like to see the creative team come up with something different. Maybe they do something where If Trump's guy wins, Trump gets control of the company for a day. In turn if McMahon's guy wins, McMahon would run The Apprentice for an episode.

There are numerous ways this could go.

That's assuming that something does actually come from this challenge. A lot can happen in a year. Come WrestleMania time next year, this idea may not even be on the table.

Heck, there is always the chance that in McMahon's eyes this idea was never truly on the table in the first place.


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