Stay Off The Marlins' Bandwagon While You Still Can!

Brett Moore@@LoudmouthMooreContributor IApril 19, 2009

MIAMI - APRIL 06:  Shortstop Cristian Guzman #15 of the Washington Nationals takes the throw as Emilio Bonifacio #1 of the Florida Marlins steals second base in the first inning on opening day at Dolphin Stadium on April 6, 2009 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

Take a good look at that photograph, and the teams involved: Marlins-Nationals.

That's been the match-up six of the twelve times the Fish have left their dugout so far in 2009. They've also played three against the Mets and swept the Braves.

And yet everywhere I look, people extol this team and are questioning their predictions for the NL East, wondering if maybe they should have crowned the Marlins before the season.

Before you tag me as just a hater on this club, let me say this: They are a good young ball club with great potential. It's a ton of fun to watch them play. And they are playing great baseball right now.

But every time I turn around, they're flying to the top of everyone's power rankings. And this bothers me a little bit because a lot of people seem to be taken in by the numbers they're putting up.

Well, here's a number for you: 4-7. You know what that is? That's the average record of the clubs the Marlins have played this year.

The Braves are similar to the Marlins in a few ways—smart young club, couple of seasoned veterans, could surprise people and contend. But their youngsters are still trying to get everything put together.

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Despite what so many of the so-called baseball 'experts' say, the Mets just don't impress me. They field badly, their rotation is Santana, Maine, and a prayer, and they're fielding a hitting ballclub in CitiField, which is playing like a pitcher's park so far. Their bullpen is fantastic, but that's not much good if your starters can't keep you in the game.

It only gets tougher when you give up unearned runs the way they do (they've given away at least two games so far, one of which was to the Marlins on an otherwise-shutout day by Santana).

And do I REALLY have to bring up the Nationals? The team that FINALLY won a game on their eighth try and have no pitching to speak of? I mean, seriously, this is a team with an ERA of 6.32 and just two guys under 4.00 (who have pitched a combined 10 innings).

Washington has already scored five runs or more on six occasions, and won one. Nick Swisher would improve this starting rotation (granted, he might be next in line for the Yankees, too).

So slow down, folks. The Marlins are playing good ball right now, but let's face it, they SHOULD be beating these teams. They're a good team, and good teams should be beating the guys on their schedule. At the very least, wait till May before jumping on the bandwagon full-force.

Of course, if they're still playing like this at the end of the year, I'll have one mother of a crow to eat.