Florida Gulf Coast Basketball: 10 Things We'll Remember About FGCU's Dream Run

Doug Brodess@DougbrodessCorrespondent IMarch 30, 2013

Florida Gulf Coast Basketball: 10 Things We'll Remember About FGCU's Dream Run

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    Florida Gulf Coast didn’t quite have enough to take down state rival Florida in their South Region Sweet 16 game.

    But the Eagles made history in beating Georgetown and San Diego State, and they exit this year’s tournament having changed March Madness 2013.

    So much happened for, with and around this team in the last week.

    We’ve now been introduced to Dunk City.

    While the origin may not be certain, the term certainly fits the full-throttle, high-flying college basketball phenomenon that is Florida Gulf Coast University Eagles basketball.

    Here is a quick look at 10 exceptional things on and off the court that we’ll remember about FGCU’s dream run.

10. Dunk City Student IDs

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    Naplesnews.com reported that The FGCU ID office generated a special Dunk City ID card for students and staff.

    Because the basketball team made it to the Sweet 16, 1,600 cards were produced and given out while the supply lasted.

9. Dunk City "Official Anthem"

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    I am completely OK with any number of Dunk City tunes, songs or singles as long as they show sweet highlight videos of the Eagles in action.

    The description on YouTube claims that this is the "Official Anthem."

    I'm not sure who establishes this, but for now, we will accept no other anthems.

8. The Sick Ballhandling and Playmaking of FGCU PG Brett Comer

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    Brett Comer is the trigger man who makes the Eagles go.

    The 6’3” sophomore point guard leads this year's March Madness in assists with 12 per game.

    Comer was the Atlantic Sun tournament MVP after he scored 21 points in the championship game against Mercer.

    More than just hoops skills, Comer has the unruly and offbeat personality that helps keep the mood light and the team loose.

    Plus, the dude can throw some sick no-look passes.

7. Dunk City Wear on eBay

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    With an incredible craze like Dunk City, you knew that T-shirts were going to be printed and sold immediately.

    The Eagle News, the FGCU student newspaper, reported that:

    “the day after FGCU's upset of Georgetown, sales of women's apparel increased fifteen fold from Friday. Men's clothing sold 24 times more than the day before. By Monday, the clothing stock was emptier than a beach on the first day of winter, with $62,000 in sales for men's apparel alone.”

    Not only did FGCU clothing like this sell on campus in the bookstore, but it made it to eBay.

6. Dunk City Rap

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    Not sure if this rap is authorized or not.

    Out of the various musical selections provided in this slide show, this one is my favorite.

    Shout out to FGCU students Malike Adigun and Amber Angeloro who posted this rap video on YouTube.

    Live rap performance, props and more awesome Eagles video clips.

    More video clips, I say...more video clips.

5. The First Family of Dunk City

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    Not only did the FGCU Eagles capture the hearts of the college basketball nation, so did the "First Family of Dunk City": head coach Andy Enfield, his former model wife Amanda and their three young children.

    The Enfields were seen, heard and talked about as much or more than any other family in America over the last week.

    When it comes down to it, they seem like relatively normal people.

4. A Student Body That Is Totally into the Eagles

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    Is it cool or what to see the FGCU student body so into the awesomeness that is Dunk City?

    Not only can the Eagles hoop, but a bunch of the players have some serious moves.

    "Eagles Throwin' Alleys" is nice.

3. FGCU Official Hype Video

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    Not only is there a Dunk City anthem and a rap, but there is also an "official FGCU hype video."

    New songs, new video? I love it!

    I'm guessing that just because the team lost to Florida, it doesn't mean that the mania is going away any time soon.

    It's all good!

2. View from a Dunk City Dorm Room

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    I'm not sure how much school work I would have accomplished if I had stayed in a dorm room like Eagles' starting forward Chase Fieler.

    Yahoo Sports reported shortly after FGCU beat Georgetown:

    Dorms there (FGCU) overlook a beach on a lake, just a few minutes from the Gulf of Mexico. That's where junior forward Chase Fieler lays out "four or five times a week." He knows most of the lifeguards, and water sports are free for students, including wakeboarding, canoeing, paddle boarding and tubing.


1, Excitement and Exuberance Are Found in Dunk City

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    College sports should be fun.

    That is something that Coach Enfield says and believes.

    Part of his coaching philosophy is that teams play better and players get better when they enjoy what they are doing.

    So, the fun of Dunk City is not an accident or a result of some zany personalities.

    It is the intentional decision of a coach and his players to enjoy each other and what they experience together as a team.


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