Alex Rodriguez Will Make More Money Than Houston Astros in 2013

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterMarch 29, 2013

Get stitches, make money.

Alex Rodriguez is currently recovering from hip surgery and will not play the first half of the 2013 season (at least), but it won’t stop him from making more money than the entire Houston Astros roster. 

After the acquisition of Vernon Wells, the New York Yankees will be dropping around $228 million in payroll, with Rodriguez raking in the most individual dollars at $29 million annually.

Rodriguez’s $29 million salary handily tops the combined $25 million payroll the Houston Astros now have on the books after cutting back on spending. 

Yes, you read that right—the New York Yankees' payroll is over nine times the size of the Astros' now. Astros manager Bo Porter doesn’t sound too concerned with the disparity in wealth between the two teams (via the Los Angeles Times):

When we get on the baseball field with whomever the opponent is, they are not sitting there saying: "Well, their players make more money than us so therefore you're deemed a winner and we're deemed a loser."

The Yankees are going to continue spending big in 2013—tallying the franchise’s 11th straight year paying luxury taxes. And it doesn't look like they're planning on trimming the budget if they don't have to.

"The goal of the team every year is to do what's necessary to field a championship team," Yankees president Randy Levine said. "That goes for this year and, as Hal Steinbrenner has said, next year and every year going forward."

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Either way, the Yankees continue to pay dearly for a banged-up A-Rod, and one can only wonder whether this revelatory news will provide them with further incentive to investigate more avenues in Project Voidriguez.

Bud Norris will be the highest-paid player on the Astros this season at $3 million. Their "big" offseason free-agent acquisition was first baseman Carlos Pena, who will make a base salary of $2.9 million. 


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