Houston Rockets Shoot Portland Trail Blazers Down to Earth

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IApril 19, 2009

I was just like any other Portland Trail Blazer fan going into the first game of the NBA playoffs against the Houston Rockets. 

"We're gonna kick their..."

After all, we ended the 2009 NBA season on the best run since the champion 1977 Blazers, and were constantly blowing out Western Conference Rivals by over 20 points. 

We were doing so well, we threw ourselves a parade.

We had earned home court advantage in the playoffs and were going up against The Houston Rockets. 

Rip City Uprise. 

Portland Trail Blazers were flying...

Then game one in our best-of-seven series started and by the time the smoke cleared, my Portland Trail Blazers had been shot out of the sky. 

Hats off Houston, you kicked our...

Yao Ming played the best game of his career, shooting a lowly 100 percent from the field, and Aaron Brooks lit us up for 27 points.  Houston outhustled us, beat us up, got in our heads, and made an entire community drop their heads. 

Ron Artest and the Houston defense was stifling, and I am sure people all across the world were cackling at our franchise's misfortune.

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Sad, SAD, day to be a Trail Blazer fan.

At work, I could barely believe what I saw: Potentially the worst loss in franchise history.  Given the hype around town...I have a hard time writing about it any other way. 

Nothing is worse than the excitement generation by a small-town professional sports franchise when their athletes get it handed to them in a big playoff game.  Particularly when you get dismantled on your home court by the road team.

Portland's defense against Yao Ming was pitiful. 

Our offensive execution was deplorable.

I wish I could blame the refs for making so many one-sided calls...but in the NBA the team playing better basketball earns the officials' respect. 

Houston played one of their greatest games as a franchise; Portland played one of its worst. 

Can Portland even stop Houston? 

Once, I mean?

Portland needs to figure out that getting swept in the Playoffs would be a DISASTER.

That is the direction we are headed. 

Very sad day for me.

Go Blazers.