How Tottenham Can Challenge for the Premier League Title in the Next Two Years

Alana Nassiah@AlanaNassiahCorrespondent IMarch 25, 2013

How Tottenham Can Challenge for the Premier League Title in the Next Two Years

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    Ledley King, the former Tottenham defender and current club ambassador, has suggested that the Spurs have the ability to win the Premier League title in the next two years.

    While some may scoff at his assertion, King may be onto something. 

    Tottenham has a lot of potential, and if things go the Spurs' way over the next few months, surely a title will not be out of the question in a few years.

    Here's a few things Tottenham can do to challenge for the Premier League title in the next two years.

Keep Bale for Chance at Title

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    Gareth Bale is Tottenham's best player. There is no denying this fact. Therefore, this article cannot go on without addressing this first and foremost.

    In order for Tottenham to win a title in two years, Bale must be a part of the picture. 

    If the Spurs cannot manage to keep its Welsh superstar, then fans may as well forget about a Premier League title in the near future.

    With Bale, Tottenham can win games. Defenses focus on him, and he creates chances for not only himself but his teammates as well.

    But without Bale? Take a look at the match against Inter Milan in the second leg of the UEFA Europa League.

    Bale was suspended because he accumulated two yellow cards. The Spurs went into the match holding a 3-0 lead over the Italian giants. But they simply could not keep it. By the 75th minute, William Gallas had scored an own goal and made the score 3-3 on aggregate.

    If it wasn't for Emmanuel Adebayor's lucky goal in extra time, Tottenham would be out of the Europa League. 

    The bottom line is that Tottenham still lost this match 1-4 ,despite going in with a 3-0 lead. The team could not adjust without Bale, and if he does in fact leave this summer, it will not be easy to replace him.

    The Spurs need Bale if they want to make a believable run for the title in two years.

Keep Productive Young Stars

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    Tottenham is a team built for the future. It is loaded with young talent, most of whom are not even near their prime.

    The Spurs' academy has been very successful, especially this season. Five young Tottenham players represented the England U-21 team this international break. That's more players than any other team provided.

    Andres Villas-Boas has already handed almost every one of his U-21 players an appearance with the first team. Tom Carroll is a prime example. The young midfielder has shown a lot of promise, and Villas-Boas has repeatedly used him in his squad. Though not quite a regular yet, it should not be too long until Carroll is a starter.

    Aside from having a lot of talent waiting on the sidelines, AVB's first team is loaded with players who are fairly young. Regular starters like Bale and Gylfi Sigurdsson are 23, while Kyle Walker and Lewis Holtby are only 22.

    These players are not in their prime yet and will only get better, but this will only benefit Tottenham if they manage to keep them.

Trust AVB More Than Chelsea Did

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    We all know what happened to Villas-Boas at Chelsea. It was nothing new.

    Villas-Boas wasn't up to Roman Abramovich's standards (neither was Villas-Boas' replacement Roberto Di Matteo, despite winning the Champions League, but Rafa Benitez won't be waiting around to see if he will be fired).

    AVB was not given a full season. But did he actually expect to get it anyway?

    Although Villas-Boas ended his Chelsea managerial career in low form, he actually did not have an awful record at the club. But when players openly discuss your tactics in front of the owner, you're all but done. Especially at Chelsea, where Abramovich needs little reason to fire you. 

    AVB clearly didn't have a good tenure at the Blues. He was ousted in a rather embarrassing way, but a few months later, Tottenham decided to give the Portuguese manager a go. 

    At this point, Villas-Boas has now lasted longer at Tottenham than he did at Chelsea. It seems that he has the respect of his players and the Tottenham hierarchy. AVB even won Manager of the Month in February.

    He fits in better at the Spurs than he did at Chelsea. 

    If Tottenham continue to give AVB the time to develop his squad and don't freak out over a few bumps along the road, then the title can be theirs sooner rather than later. 

Get to the Champions League

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    Tottenham is sitting in fourth place in the league right now, with Chelsea directly above them up by a point and with a game in hand. Arsenal also has a game in hand, but are four points below.

    That being said, Tottenham should qualify for the Champions League next season. 

    The Spurs narrowly (and unfairly) missed out on UCL soccer this season because Chelsea won the Champions League 2012 campaign. Although Tottenham finished fourth and was all but guaranteed the final spot, Chelsea's win snatched the highly coveted place in the tournament.

    The Blues had finished the 2012 season in sixth place, but thanks to UEFA's rules, Tottenham was out and Chelsea was in.

    This scenario will not happen this season. If Tottenham wants to be in the Champions League next season, its fate is in its own hands. 

    Champions League soccer will greatly benefit the Spurs. The team will be able to face tougher opponents and test its strength, plus have a little extra money and exposure. That influx of cash brings the opportunity to sign better soccer stars, who may now allow themselves to be lured to White Hart Lane. 

    This can be Tottenham's future, but in order to get here, they must first qualify for UCL this season. 

In-Form Defoe Is a Must

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    Lastly, Jermain Defoe is a great player for both Tottenham and England.

    However, Defoe had not scored a goal since December 26th—until March 22nd against San Marino, when he scored twice.

    Without Defoe scoring goals for the side, Tottenham still managed to win games. They went undefeated from the December 26th to March 10th. Throughout this entire time, no goals for Defoe.

    Imagine how much more lethal Villas-Boas' squad will be once Defoe starts scoring. Perhaps after getting his two goals for England this week, he will now start producing again for the Spurs.

    Winning the title will not be easy for Tottenham. Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal will all be as strong as usual.

    However, with these parts in place, they can at the very least challenge for the Premier League title in two years.