5 Best Musicians in WWE History

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMarch 24, 2013

5 Best Musicians in WWE History

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    OK, so wrestling has had more than its fair share of awful musicians over the years.

    Jeff Hardy and his band, the oddly named Peroxwhy?gen, have released some absolutely atrocious songs over the years. Note to Mr. Hardy: For the sake of good music, stick to your day job, please.

    Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis also released a pretty bad album of songs back in 2010, coming off like the worst Amy Lee tribute act ever.

    But that shouldn't suggest that wrestling has never had any talented musicians. Indeed, there have been a few decent wrestlers turned singers over the years. Ones who have managed to find credibility in the music industry and garner some level of mainstream success.

    And here are the top five...

5. Mickie James

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    Following the release of her 2010 album Strangers & Angels, former WWE Diva Mickie James has managed to carve out a decent career for herself in country music.

    Oh, she's not a great singer, by any means, but some of her tunes, "Are You With Me?" and "Somebody's Gonna Pay" in particular, are actually pretty catchy. The former TNA Knockouts champion is fast becoming the Taylor Swift of wrestling.

4. Zack Ryder

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    Is there anything Zack Ryder can't do?

    "Hoeski," the debut song from the multi-talented YouTube star, is a hilarious, spot-on parody of Justin Bieber and other various teen musical acts. Not since Blink 182 spoofed various manufactured '90s bands in their classic music video for "All The Small Things" has there been such a great satire of the pop industry .

    It's also been a whopping commercial hit. As PWTorch noted, the song ranked highly on the iTunes Pop music chart upon its debut last month. Hey, you can't argue with success.

3. John Cena

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    The real surprise of John Cena's 2005 rap album You Can't See Me is that it is, all things considered, pretty decent. Lead track "Bad Bad Man" is immensely catchy and helped by a truly amusing music video. Sappy ballad "Right Now" strikes the right emotional chord. "If It All Ended Tomorrow," which also shows up on The Marine soundtrack, is another memorable song.

    As Billboard.com notes, You Can't See Me also sold very respectable numbers when it was released. You wonder why Cena and WWE have never churned out a follow-up.

2. Lilian Garcia

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    OK, singer-turned-ring announcer Lilian Garcia is probably more the type of Celine Dion-like singer your mom would like. Indeed, it's hard to imagine young wrestling fans rushing out to buy her albums.

    But the 46-year-old is still a very talented woman with a great, soulful voice. Garcia's English-Spanish version of "I Will Always Love You," released after Whitney Houston's death last year as a tribute to the late singer, is, in particular, very emotionally touching. 

1. Fozzy

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    Despite initially being written off as merely Chris Jericho's side project for much of its existence, heavy metal band Fozzy has gained a measure of credibility in recent years, even topping Billboard.com's Heatseekers chart in September of 2012.

    Jericho and pals are also on the verge of performing on a grueling tour of Europe in an attempt to expand their fame in the region. 

    Notably, Fozzy's tune "Enemy" was also used as the official theme for WWE's No Way Out pay-per-view in 2005 and TNA's Bound For Glory show the following year.