WWE Implying the Undertaker's Urn Contains Paul Bearer's Ashes Is a Bad Idea

Sebastian Maldonado@https://twitter.com/#!/SebastianTSUFeatured ColumnistMarch 25, 2013

photo courtesy of wwe.com
photo courtesy of wwe.com

The feud between The Undertaker and CM Punk has sparked much controversy.

Two weeks ago, after Paul Bearer’s passing, Punk stole his urn after a loss to Kane. The following week, The Undertaker vowed revenge on Punk due to this action.

Adding fuel to the fire, Punk interrupted the Deadman, and was shown tossing the urn around like a basketball in the backstage area.

Punk described how different he was from all of Taker’s WrestleMania victims—and then he dropped the urn. The Chicago native appeared to imply Bearer’s ashes were contained within it when he told The Undertaker, “The top almost came off. Again, no disrespect intended.”

The WWE implying Paul Bearer’s ashes are in the urn is a bad idea.

Don’t get me wrong—the WWE handled Bearer’s passing with class and managed to set up a personal feud with Punk/Taker for WrestleMania 29. However, the “ashes in the urn” idea is too much.

TMZ recently reported Bearer’s family signed off on the tribute, but did they sign off on last week?

According to AL.com, his family in Mobile, Alabama buried him last weekend. With that in mind, not only is it unnecessary, it doesn’t make sense for the WWE to imply Bearer’s ashes were in the urn. Outlets like TMZ are reporting this story, making the news of Bearer’s funeral known everywhere.

The segment was also awkward. It didn't look like Punk or Taker wanted to go through with it. 

Punk wasn’t his usual self—he went through the motions. Meanwhile, The Undertaker said what he always says: “Punk, I’m gonna hurt you, and I’m gonna hurt you bad.”

Frankly, it wasn’t the best segment. It was below par especially after their great confrontation two weeks ago on Raw. The fans that wanted more were given a weird promo which disrespected a man’s memory with a lie.

The WWE didn’t exactly say Bearer’s ashes were in the urn, but the implication was evident. They have two weeks to rectify this mistake. And they should.

They’ve used a lot of real-life events to run their show. For example, The Rock’s movie career, Brock Lesnar’s UFC run and Triple H’s personal life are all a part of their wrestling personas now. Why can’t they do the same for Bearer?

It’s time for the WWE to end the Bearer angle and hype The Undertaker’s match against CM Punk. It’s not necessary to stir up their personal conflict anymore. This match can be booked as the Best in the World vs. The Streak and that alone will draw fans to watch.

Let’s face it, the Bearer angle has run its course.


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