TNA Wrestler Chavo Guerrero Slams John Cena in Interview

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMarch 22, 2013

photo from wwe.com
photo from wwe.com

In a new interview with Fox News Latino, former WWE wrestler (and current TNA performer) Chavo Guerrero was less than complimentary about his ex-employer and also continued his habit of criticizing top star John Cena.

Guerrero, who parted ways with WWE in 2011, told Victor Garcia that standards in the industry had fallen and wrestling in "the other place" was "so bad" he refused to watch it anymore:

You look back to the way wrestling used to be — you didn’t even make it to the big time until you were ten years in minimum. Now you’re in the business for six months or a year and they come in the ring and they’re getting shots at big time. And if you see the wrestling, especially at the other place, you can tell. I won’t even watch that program because it’s bad. The wrestling is so bad.

The 42-year-old also ended the interview with a knock at Cena's wrestling ability:

If he can’t wrestle, then he can’t wrestle, you know? Very, very few and far between do we get a Triple H or a Rey Mysterio, a Randy Orton. That doesn’t happen too much anymore. It’s very few and far between. You can tell who’s making John Cena look good. 

Notably, this isn't the first time Guerrero has criticized the former WWE champion publicly.

As CageSideSeats noted, the third-generation wrestler also went on a rather bizarre Twitter rant about Cena in 2011, vowing that he would "boycott" WWE TV if Cena ended up breaking Ric Flair's famous record of 16 world title runs.

A few months prior to that, he posted another long diatribe (via ProWrestling.net), pleading with his former coworker to stop being so "lazy" in the ring and work harder.

Of course, Guerrero is entitled to his opinion, but continuing to label Cena a bad worker after years of terrific pay-per-view and TV matches is wholly unfair and incredibly insulting.

Come on, look at Cena's fantastic bout with CM Punk on the February 25 Raw last month. And no one could feasibly argue he was being carried by Punk; Cena was clearly doing his fair share of the work. He's a bit clumsy at points, sure, but by any standard, he's a very good in-ring competitor.  

You also have to wonder what Guerrero is thinking, regarding his anti-WWE comments over the past two years.

Okay, so he currently has a comfortable spot in TNA, but how long will that last? The wrestling business is fickle, after all.

In TNA, in particular, wrestlers seem to come and go with an alarming regularity. What will Chavo do if he finds himself on the outs with America's No. 2 wrestling company? No doubt those in WWE will remember his critical remarks and that door will be closed to him too.

Note to Mr. Guerrero: It's not smart to burn bridges, especially in pro wrestling.