John Madden: The NFL's Winningest Coach Retires

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIApril 17, 2009

    John Madden. Wow! what a great career for an awesome coach. Many of you know by now that John Madden has officially retired. He started out as the Oakland Raiders head Coach back in 1969 and at that time was the NFLs youngest. Once again Al Davis hires for skill rather than age. You may not remember but John Madden was an assistant coach for the Raiders for two years. John Madden was at the Oakland Raiders first Superbowl appearance.

   John Madden is truly a football icon and legend. John Madden made the Oakland Raiders the meanest and winningest team in all professional sports for 20 years.This is a record that will never be broken. If you think about it, during Maddens years of coaching the Oakland Raiders (1969-1978) he amassed an unbelievable winning record of 103-32-7 regular-season record and a Super Bowl championship.

  The Oakland Raiders under Madden guidance won in the 1976 season with a Superbowl Championship. John Maddens Raiders are also synonymous with great Raider plays like the the "Holy Roller" and Dave Casper's "Ghost to the Post."

    John Madden is one of my favorite coaches because he made the Raiders play so hard that the Pittsburgh Steelers literally cried after taking a beating by the Silver and Black.

   The Oakland Raiders were taken to court for pounding the Steelers. Never in NFL history has anything like this ever happened. I love it when you watch the old footage and John Madden says,"Yeah we play hard and mean...whatcha gonna do about it."

  Many of you may also remember the great commercials he did for Miller Lite. John Madden was alongside Bubba Smith, Dick Butkis, Billy Martin,Tom Heinsohn, Deacon Jones and the great Rodney Dangerfield.

  I love John Maddens four-legged Turkey on the Thanksgiving games. John Madden always brought his immaculate Supercruiser bus to his games. we all know he didnt like flying so he was driven to every game, yet his career was way off the ground. John Madden is just another icon for the Oakland Raiders. We lost the great Gene Upshaw and now with Madden retiring the last of the greats would be Howie Long.

   Another great thing about John Madden is the great players that played under his coaching. Otis Sistrunk, Gene Upshaw, Art Shell, Mark Van Eeghen, Dave Casper, Kenny "The Snake" Stabler, Pete Banaszak,Ted "The Mad Stork" Hendricks, Ben Davidson, Jack "The Assasin" Tatum, Cliff Branch, George Atkisson, Skip "Dr. Death" Thomas ,there are just so many greats. It is with these men that John Madden dominated the NFL during his years.

    John Madden basically defeated every Hall of Fame coach during his tenure with the Oakland Raiders. I always love the fact that Madden also took over the rights to the NFL when Madden took over EA Sports football. Yes! a Raider name is just about every home in America! Does this make the Raiders Americas team? Only for those that bleed Silver and Black.

    I am glad to see John Madden retire. He truly deserves it and has done so much for the game of football itself. He was a great sportscaster and he used basic principals when coaching football and brought this to his sportscasting.

I hope many of you will have the time to read John Maddens book entitled, "Hey, Wait a Minute (I wrote a book!)". It was published in 85 and is great reading. You get to learn things like John Madden keeping Stabler when Al Davis was considering trading him. The great trick plays Madden used in football. Its just really a great read.

One final note on the way out. How in the Hell can the NFL even think of using Chris Collinsworth as Maddens replacement. The guy is not all there and is basically nothing to the NFL. I know that many of you remember Howie Long poking on chris when they worked together. I could see Howie Long or Tim Brown taking John Maddens place but Chris Collinsworth. I think I am gonna be sick.


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