Chris Paul May Have Won 'Flop of the Year' After Running into DeMarcus Cousins

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterMarch 20, 2013

Flopping has been elevated to an art form not unlike jazz in the NBA in recent years. 

With that in mind, after what he pulled in Tuesday night’s game against the Sacramento Kings, Chris Paul may now be considered the Kenny G of flopping.

That is not a good thing.

At the top of the third quarter, Paul was preparing to get back on defense when he made incidental contact with DeMarcus Cousins. And then history was made (per 

Paul ran up to Cousins and pushed his arms into the Kings star's chest as he turned to run the court. As he did, he whipped his head backward in a primal scream and noodled his arms, creating a case for Flop of the Year.

It’s almost impressive how hard Paul tried to manufacture a foul off Cousins, who could have been out there chewing cud he was so oblivious. The Clippers star guard might have had a better chance at getting a call had he kicked into a backflip off the man.

The worst part of this whole charade is Paul waving his finger back at Cousins like “I’ll let you get away with one, my friend.”

Meanwhile, the refs swallow their whistles, ignoring the NBA flopping policy, and fans are left to shed a single tear for the death of toughness and fair play in the league.

So this leaves us with a very valuable rule: Don’t flop, kids. Or to put it better: Don’t flop like an amateur.  

Hold the jaw and walk away. That’s just Flopping 101. 

I play a mean solo on the flopsophone: Dr__Carson