Blazers Plow Nuggets: Rockets Up Next

Kelsey ParsonsCorrespondent IApril 16, 2009

I waited in anticipation for this game for over a week.  

The night before the Trail Blazers hosted the Nuggets I had calculated out how long my frozen pizza would need to cook so I would be able to watch every moment of the pre-game and I could have it on my plate in front of the television at the exact time of tip off.

My countdown to the game started when I woke up, which would be much more impressive if I hadn’t slept until two in the afternoon.   

I learned every scenario and mulled over them obsessively up to the second I found out the Spurs had came out on top over the Hornets. It was official; the first round of our post season would be a match-up against the Rockets.  

So now it was up to the Blazers. We needed a win against Denver to give us home court advantage. 

Calling the ability to host the first two games of the playoffs at home an advantage to anyone who has been in the Rose Garden is like calling Michael Jordan “pretty good at basketball”: it is simply blasphemous.

The home record for the Blazers is 33-7, one of the best in the league.  

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The ground shakes in the arena in the first quarter of a game.  

The fans in Portland make it known that the Rose Garden is their house.

Wednesday night was a demonstration of the Trail Blazers ability to harness the energy of the crowd and use it to their benefit.

Poor Denver never stood a chance. 

Portland steamrolled the already titled Northwest division champs with a final score of 104-76.  

No typo there, that’s a 28 point difference.  

As I watched the last few minutes of the game a disgraceful thought entered my brain. Part of me started to worry that our complete domination would lead to an over-confidence when entering the playoffs.

Luckily the much larger and more dominant part of me knew that these boys are going to go into the first game with an unrivaled passion.  

Try to stop us Rockets.