Watch LeBron James Devastate Jason Terry with and-1 Oop

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistMarch 19, 2013

LeBron James has made it most of the way though this remarkable season without a truly memorable dunk. A little help from Jason Terry ended that Monday night.

Sure, LeBron has his go-to transition dunks, but he hasn't destroyed the rim at will, or done anything above and beyond what we're normally used to seeing (I know, poor us). But this monster over Terry was definitely memorable.

LeBron's best dunk of the year. No question.

— chris palmer (@ESPNChrisPalmer) March 19, 2013

The Jet has crash landed!

— NBA Guru (@NBAGuru) March 19, 2013

Courtney Lee ran in there like a paramedic

— J.A. Adande (@jadande) March 19, 2013

After he was laid to rest, LeBron was called for a technical foul. I suppose it was because you can't just go around breaking players in half on live television.

If you dunk on someone like that, no taunting rules should apply.

— Kevin Pelton (@kpelton) March 19, 2013

They called a tech on LeBron for blowing a bubble at him?

— J.A. Adande (@jadande) March 19, 2013

Let's go ahead and call this the year of the ridiculous posterization. Between Brandon Knight's annihilation at the hands of DeAndre Jordan, Harrison Barnes putting Nikola Pekovic in his place and now this, it's going to be hard for another full season of games to top this one.


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