John Cena: Why Working His Divorce into His Feud with The Rock Is a Bad Idea

Sebastian Maldonado@https://twitter.com/#!/SebastianTSUFeatured ColumnistMarch 18, 2013

This was the same photo used during the montage for the TMZ story.
This was the same photo used during the montage for the TMZ story.J. Meric/Getty Images

John Cena and The Rock will have their rematch at WrestleMania 29.  Personal problems might brew between these two thanks to the WWE.

In Cena’s first promo with The Rock, he revealed how the loss affected him. He claimed it sent him on a downward spiral professionally and personally. The WWE took it a step further when its video package of their feud aired. One of the clips in the montage showed a TMZ headline of Cena’s divorce from his wife in July.

It’s a cheap attempt to gain sympathy from the fans. The WWE is going to realize working Cena’s divorce into his feud is a bad idea.

The divorce got nasty. According to TMZ, Elizabeth Huberdeau, Cena’s ex-wife, challenged the pre-nup agreement. She also accused Cena of fooling around with other women while being married.

Though the divorce settlement is confidential, it seems both parties settled and have completely reconciled. Cena’s marriage is over. Both he and the WWE should bring it up, just not for a feud.

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Let’s face it: 2012 was not the best year for John Cena in the WWE. The WWE’s top babyface lost many matches despite still being in the main event for most pay-per-views. The losses mounted up during the divorce battles, and when the case ended, Cena ended up losing on both counts.

He lost to John Laurinaitis, CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler in three big marquee matches.

No one should feel sorry for Cena on-screen, but as far as his personal struggle, that should be a different story.

Anyone who has gone through the seriousness of a divorce can empathize. Expecting the entire WWE Universe to side with Cena is a fool’s errand.

Cena still generates more boos than cheers. At WrestleMania 29, fans are likely to be more pro-Rock than Cena. In fact, Cena still gets booed among the adult demographic who cheer for whoever faces Cena.  They’re louder than the “Cenation.” 

Using Cena’s divorce to manipulate the crowd is a cheap ploy. Are we supposed to feel sorry for a man who’s still in the limelight? Things could be a lot worse for Cena. He’s lucky that the divorce was settled in three months under “good terms.”

The WWE didn’t care to comment on Cena’s divorce when court was in progress. Why mention it now?

John Cena and The Rock build their own rivalry solely on their star power. Using Cena’s divorce just doesn’t fit in this equation.

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