WWE WrestleMania 29: Ranking All 20 of the Undertaker's Matches in the Streak

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterMarch 14, 2013

WWE WrestleMania 29: Ranking All 20 of the Undertaker's Matches in the Streak

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    At WrestleMania 29, Undertaker once again puts his undefeated streak at The Showcase of the Immortals on the line. 

    For 20 matches now, Undertaker has put away his foes despite the odds. The matches that led to those victories have ranged from horrid to near-perfect.

    Undertaker's first few WrestleMania battles were among the show's forgettable fare. He has since become the star of The Show of Shows. The fight to end his streak has become the highlight of WrestleMania.

    WWE's best have gone after him and even though they've all failed, they've composed classics along the way.

    Ranked based on their emotive power, their entertainment value and how memorable they are, here are Undertaker's WrestleMania matches from worst to best.

20. WrestleMania XI: Undertaker vs. King Kong Bundy

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    When the fact that American League umpire Larry Young is the guest referee is one of the highlights of a match, you know it's not great.

    Undertaker's first few WrestleMania matches were short, unexciting and eventually covered up by the greatness of his best work.

    This big man vs. big man match didn't offer much.

    Undertaker spent a lot of time punching King Kong Bundy. Bundy spent a lot of time teetering.

    There was more focus on these two fighting over the urn than them fighting themselves.

    A tepid ending capped off a tepid match. Undertaker won with a leaping clothesline. Perhaps he didn't think he could lift Bundy properly for the Tombstone.

    The result is a lack of climax after a lack of build.

19. WrestleMania XV: Undertaker vs. Big Boss Man

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    During his Ministry of Darkness days, Undertaker took on Big Boss Man in what critics like Rob McNew of 411Mania.com call the "worst cell match ever, by far."

    The action throughout was slow and awkward.

    It's hard to blame the crowd for a lack of energy. The match didn't offer them much reason to leave their feet.

    There is little in the way of momentum or drama here. Boss Man cuffs Undertaker to the cell and beats him up good. The rest of the match, other than the ending, fades from one's memory rather easily.

    The most intriguing moment of the bout is also its most disturbing.

    The Ministry of Darkness swooped in, fed Taker a noose from the top of the cage and somehow they hung Boss Man without killing him. Not only did this go too far in some folks' eyes, it doesn't even have much of a payoff emotionally.

    Check out the whole thing here

18. WrestleMania IX: Giant Gonzalez vs. Undertaker

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    Undertaker's match with Giant Gonzalez is often pointed to as one of WrestleMania's worst, but it's not quite as bad as folks make it out to be. It was certainly not a classic, but it told a good story and used Gonzalez's limited ability to its maximum potential.

    The Deadman slid down to the ring accompanied by a vulture on a perch.

    He soon stood in the ring, staring up at one of the few opponents who could tower over him. Ridiculous costume aside, Gonzalez's immensity and dominance through much of the match made him look a monster.

    The action was strike-heavy and slow.

    There is really not much else one can do with a man that size. The two made the best of their limited toolbox, telling the story of the force that was apparently strong enough to overcome Undertaker.

    Gonzalez smothered him with a chloroform-soaked rag. That has to be against the rules, right? Taker had to be carried out on a stretcher. It then seemed that someone had finally toppled the titan that is Undertaker.

    Wobbly-legged, The Deadman eventually tore back into the ring and pounded away on Gonzalez.

    A disqualification win certainly isn't the most climactic way to end a WrestleMania match, but WWE seemingly wanted to have both giants look unbeatable after this was over.

17. WrestleMania VIII: Jake Roberts vs. Undertaker

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    Jake Roberts opened this match cautiously, striking Undertaker from a distance.

    Bobby Heenan talked up Taker's invulnerability. The match told the story of Undertaker's dominance, a monster growing ever stronger.

    The bout's pace was much faster than his worst WrestleMania matches, but it was shorter and less exciting than his best work.

    Undertaker showed off his agility as well as his imperviousness. The big man even sat up after a Roberts DDT.

    Taker ended it with a Tombstone piledriver on the outside of the ring. The streak was just beginning to build.

16. WrestleMania 13: Sycho Sid vs. Undertaker

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    A match that pitted monster vs. monster for the WWE title didn't live up to its potential.

    Its slow pace really holds this match back. Undertaker holds a nerve hold on Sid for a long time. Both men spend much of this slow brawl on their backs, exhausted more often than they were exciting fans.

    Bret Hart, who had just made his way to the dark side that night, interfered. He distracted Sid long enough for Undertaker to deliver the Tombstone and get the win.

    While it was a big moment for Taker's career as he won the WWE title, the journey there offered little that is memorable.

15. WrestleMania VII: Undertaker vs. Jimmy Snuka

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    Undertaker's WrestleMania debut was all about introducing him as a devastating force.

    This was the story of the young, new predator tearing apart a former alpha male. Jimmy Snuka, in spite of his experience and toughness, appeared fearful of his opponent.

    The match itself is nothing special, highlighted by chokes, punches and small bursts of excitement. The crowd pops for every agile move from Undertaker, wowed by the athleticism we may take for granted today.

    The action is overshadowed by how much of a novelty Taker was at this point and the significance of this first win. A short bout of dominance was followed by a Tombstone piledriver, and Undertaker was 1-0.

14. WrestleMania 22: Undertaker vs. Mark Henry

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    A match that could have had the excitement of two rhinos charging at each other ended up being an average slugfest.

    Both Mark Henry and Undertaker delivered plenty of high-impact moves and pounded each other with big strikes. The two fought in the ring and in the casket itself.

    The action, though, was often rigid and repetitive. There was little variance in the spots or the rhythm.

    Undertaker ended it with a Tombstone, after which he rolled Henry across the ring and into the casket, making for an ending that didn't thrill like Undertaker's greatest WrestleMania battles.  

13. WrestleMania 19: Undertaker vs. Big Show and a-Train

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    Due to a sneak attack on Nathan Jones, Undertaker was forced to face both Big Show and A-Train alone.

    This told a great story of the streak being in serious danger. The odds seemed unbeatable.

    Big Show and A-Train pulled out all the classic heel tag team tactics. They sucker punched Taker when the referee wasn't looking. They utilized their numbers advantage and broke the rules as often as possible.

    Their chemistry was fluid. A-Train slapped a beaten-up Undertaker. It looked over for The Deadman.

    In the end though, Nathan Jones came out to help and the unstoppable force known as The Undertaker found a way to win by staving off his biggest challenge to date.

12. WrestleMania XX: Undertaker vs. Kane

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    The power of this match was more about Undertaker's return, about the intense faceoff he had with Kane before the bell rang. Kane shouted that he'd killed Undertaker and said, "You're not real!"

    All of this was more powerful than the match itself.

    Kane had buried Undertaker alive months earlier. This match was proof of Undertaker's immortality, that he was truly WWE's horror-movie monster who can't be stopped.

    The crowd's reaction to Undertaker's return and to his victory propels this past its subpar ring action.

11. WrestleMania XII: Diesel vs. Undertaker

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    Skyscraper met skyscraper when Undertaker faced Diesel, a man not intimidated by Taker's size and power.

    Both men charged at each other, swinging haymakers. Each was unable to topple the other, at least until the match wore on.

    Undertaker missed a chair shot and Diesel threw him into the barricade.

    Both men looked like equals in this compelling battle. Taker eventually defeated Diesel, but not without being severely tested.

10. WrestleMania X-Seven: Triple H vs. Undertaker

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    In an event many call the best WrestleMania ever, Undertaker vs. Triple H sometimes gets overshadowed.

    Those two would go on to eclipse this match at WrestleMania XXVII and XXVIII, but at the time, this was one of Undertaker's greatest WrestleMania performances.

    A violent, intense match left fans with images of bent chairs and slumping bodies. Triple H and Undertaker fought in the crowd amidst sound equipment, with the crowd rising in volume the entire time.

    Triple H had tons of momentum going into this and his toughness made it seem like he might be the one to finally topple Undertaker. In the end, though he failed, he gave us a fantastic show in the process.

9. WrestleMania X8: Ric Flair vs. Undertaker

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    Ric Flair proved to his doubters and to himself just how great he still was. He and Undertaker captivated throughout their hard-hitting battle.

    Both performers seemed to give everything of themselves. They tapped into their barbaric sides, tearing at each other's faces, cutting each other open.

    A supremely aggressive Flair bashed Undertaker with a steel pipe from The Deadman's motorcycle. His head bloodied, Flair remained defiant and fearless.

    At certain moments, it seemed like the veteran would use his wile and cheap tactics to get the upset victory. Even with the help of an Arn Anderson spinebuster, though, Flair couldn't finish the job.

    He did end up with the consolation prize of taking part in an excellent, entertaining match.

8. WrestleMania 21: Undertaker vs. Randy Orton

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    A young Randy Orton set out on a journey to slay a giant.

    The Legend Killer and The Undertaker's battle began as a solid match and in the end, transformed into an enthralling piece of theater. The match is powered by the flurry of action at the end of it.

    Undertaker kicked Randy's father, Bob Orton, off the apron. Orton countered a chokeslam into the RKO and even attempted a Tombstone.

    The climax and how extremely close Orton got to ending the streak made for phenomenal entertainment.

7. WrestleMania 23: Batista vs. Undertaker

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    Undertaker always brought out Batista’s best. WrestleMania 23 is a perfect example of that.

    The champion Batista was not intimidated by Undertaker's creepy entrance, by the ever-growing streak, by Undertaker's legend.

    This was a battle of power vs. power. It was the story of Batista being monstrous enough to dominate Undertaker for most of the match.

    Batista powered out of a chokeslam. He powerslammed Taker through an announce table. A punch-drunk Undertaker looked susceptible to defeat.

    After trading bursts of momentum with Batista, though, it was Undertaker who won, extending his streak to 15-0.

6. WrestleMania XIV: Undertaker vs. Kane

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    Undertaker walked past a cluster of druids, torches aflame. He would soon face his toughest challenge, facing his own brother.

    The buildup to this, the macabre narrative of Undertaker's long-lost brother returning for revenge, was among WWE's most enthralling storylines.

    Kane manhandled Undertaker for much of the night.

    It took three Tombstone piledrivers to put away Kane, ending one of the most anticipated matches in WWE history and teasing at many sequels.

5. WrestleMania XXIV: Edge vs. Undertaker

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    The battle of title vs. streak, of craftiness vs. power, remains one of Undertaker's best WrestleMania bouts.

    Edge and Undertaker's chemistry would be talked about as being some of the best ever more often if it weren't for one Heartbreak Kid.

    The two performers built up the tension of the match beautifully.

    Undertaker struggled with kayfabe back pain throughout. Edge took advantage, pounding that part of the body, tossing the big man over the barricade and into the front row.

    Edge came off as a brilliant ring technician, finding a way to counter so many of Undertaker's attacks. Even with a ref knocked out, even with the help of Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins, Edge couldn't keep The Deadman down.

4. WrestleMania XXVII: Triple H vs. Undertaker

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    What felt like an old western showdown saw The Undertaker and Triple put each other through hell in search of victory.

    Undertaker crashed through Plexiglas. Triple H gave Undertaker a spinebuster through the announce table. 

    Channeling Michael Myers of Halloween, the Undertaker continued to rise no matter how much punishment he endured, no matter how many chair shots he had cracked across his back. 

    Few words spoken in a wrestling ring have been as powerful as Triple H screaming, "Stay down!"

    At the climax, with Triple H caught in the Hell's Gate, struggling like a man being dragged down into the ocean by a tentacled sea creature, it was almost disappointing to have this war end.

3. WrestleMania XXVIII: Undertaker vs. Triple H

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    Last year's Hell in a Cell battle outdid Undertaker and Triple H's other two WrestleMania matches with the help of added hype and with Shawn Michaels as guest referee.

    Undertaker was dominant to open the bout, boxing Triple H in the corner. He soon fell victim to Triple H's relentlessness.

    This was a match that played up Undertaker's inhuman nature. How else do you explain him surviving the steel chair shots, the merciless punishment that Triple H doled out?

    At times, it seemed as if Taker might be legitimately hurt.

    When Michaels questioned whether he should just ring the bell and end the suffering, Undertaker grunted in pain to Michaels, "Do not stop it."

    This was more vicious than their match the year before, more dramatic and more moving.

    It's hard to argue with John Canton of Bleacher Report and TJR Wrestling when he calls this, "a story that was perfectly told and a match that was truly unforgettable."

2. WrestleMania XXVI: Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker

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    Trying to pick the greater match between Shawn Michaels and Undertaker's WrestleMania matches is like choosing between which supermodel to date—you can't lose either way.

    Both matches won the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and Pro Wrestling Illustrated Match of the Year awards. Both are classics.

    The sequel is rated slightly lower than the original here only because the expectations were higher the second time around. Fans knew what was coming, while with WrestleMania XXV, Michaels and Undertaker stunned us with their masterwork.

    This second consecutive great match between them featured the emotive power of it being the sendoff for Michaels. It had many of the same spots and the same explosive crowd. Their chemistry wasn't quite as perfect this time around, though.

    Still, Rob McNichol of The Sun deservedly called it, "A glorious denouement to an epic clash between two of wrestling's greatest ever titans."

1. WrestleMania XXV: Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker

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    One of the best WrestleMania matches and one of the best matches in WWE history was born from a convergence of spectacle, star power and high stakes.

    Two icons at their peaks happened to collide on a grand stage with an ideal set of circumstances around them.

    Like its sequel, this won both the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and Pro Wrestling Illustrated Match of the Year awards.

    The two men refused to lose, despite being hit by the other's best weapons. Each kickout worked to amp up the crowd.

    Few matches have worked a crowd so perfectly. Few clashes are met with the adoration and respect as Shawn Michaels and Undertaker. If CM Punk wants to even come close to this at WrestleMania XXIX, he's got plenty of work ahead of him.


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