5 Free Agents Indianapolis Colts Fans Should Get to Know

Tyler Brooke@TylerDBrookeSenior Analyst IIMarch 12, 2013

5 Free Agents Indianapolis Colts Fans Should Get to Know

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    With free agency beginning, Indianapolis Colts fans will need to learn a bit more about some of the talent their team is considering bringing in.

    Free agency is going to be critical for the Colts this season. There are a couple big holes that need to be filled in order to become a Super Bowl threat in 2013. 

    With reportedly around $44 million in cap space, the team has the money to bring in some big names in free agency. However, the Colts will need to be very careful in who they bring in and for how much.

    Several names have already been linked with the Colts. For all of the speculation around these players, a closer look at each one for Colts fans is warranted.

Andy Levitre

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    One of the biggest goals for the Colts during free agency is to find some solid offensive linemen to protect Andrew Luck.

    One of the most appealing options for protecting him would be Andy Levitre.

    Levitre was consider by many to be the best guard in the NFL in pass protection last season with the Buffalo Bills. According to ProFootballFocus, he had a Pass Blocking Efficiency of 98.5, which was the best grade in the NFL.

    The Colts have apparently expressed interest in Levitre. According to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, the Colts, Tennessee Titans and Bills are all pursuing Levitre.

    This is one of those offensive linemen that fans can actually get excited about. His skill in protecting the passer could be a great addition to an offense that struggled to keep their rookie quarterback upright.

Louis Vasquez

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    Although Levitre is certainly an appealing free agent, it appears that the Colts will be focusing on Louis Vasquez of the San Diego Chargers.

    That's not saying that Vasquez is a bad option. In fact, he has been a very solid guard for the Chargers.  ProFootballFocus had him at a 97.1 Pass Blocking Efficiency, and he was the No. 13 ranked guard by the site.

    Vasquez has also done a great job avoiding penalties in his career. In his four years in the NFL, he has only been called for one penalty back in 2009.

    The rumors surrounding Vasquez have already been flying around. According to UTSanDiego.com, it appears that the Colts will make a run for Vasquez.

    This would seem to be a logical fit for a team that let Luck get sacked 41 times. He fits the mold as a good pass protector, and that's just what the Colts need.

Paul Kruger

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    One of the names that has been gaining a lot of attention recently has been Paul Kruger of the Baltimore Ravens.

    Kruger had a solid regular season, grabbing nine sacks as an outside linebacker. However, he blew up in the playoffs after grabbing 4.5 sacks, including two in the Super Bowl.

    It feels like a lot of the hype surrounding Kruger is getting a little out of hand. For a player who really hasn't been a big name during his three years in the NFL, it is now looking like he could be making almost $10 million per year.

    The Colts appear to be one of the teams interested in paying that kind of money for the pass-rusher.  Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun reported that the Colts are in a bidding war for Kruger with the Cleveland Browns.

    Kruger could be a good pass-rusher, but the amount of money the Colts might pay him could make it a big reach. Ryan Grigson will have to be careful how much money he spends on certain players, and this bidding war is starting to raise some red flags for some.

Cliff Avril

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    Another pass-rusher that the Colts might be looking at is Cliff Avril of the Detroit Lions.

    Avril has been a big part of the frightening defensive line for the Lions for the past five years. In those five seasons, he has been a dominant pass-rusher, recording 39.5 sacks, including 9.5 in 2012.

    It appears that Avril will be the more likely option as a pass-rusher for the Colts. According to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun, it appears that the Browns are closing in on Kruger.

    This news has led to a lot of rumors about the Colts pursuing Avril. IndyStar's Phil Richards tweeted out that there has been chatter linking Avril to the Colts.

    It would be a good option in the pass rush for the Colts. With the release of Dwight Freeney, the team certainly needs to find someone who can get to the quarterback often.

Greg Jennings

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    Greg Jennings has been one of the trickier free agents in terms of predicting his landing spot. There have been rumors with several teams, including coming back to the Green Bay Packers.

    The Packers haven't done much to keep Jennings, and that isn't much of a surprise. With players like James Jones, Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb, it makes sense for them to let an expensive receiver walk, especially if he's asking for $12 million per year.

    There have been a lot of teams rumored to be interested in the veteran receiver, including the Colts. With the awful season by Donnie Avery, it could be possible that the team brings in another receiver to fit with Reggie Wayne and T.Y. Hilton.

    Recently, Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star tweeted that the Colts have not expressed interest in Jennings. This doesn't mean that the Colts won't pursue him at all, but it certainly makes it less likely.

    There is really no way to tell where Jennings will land, but there is still a chance the Colts take a look at him. If he does end up with the Colts, it will hopefully be for less than the $12 million a year he's asking for.