MLB Power Rankings: Week One

D.A.Senior Writer IApril 15, 2009

TORONTO - APRIL 6:  Roy Halladay #32 of the Toronto Blue Jays throws a pitch against the Detroit Tigers during their MLB game at the Rogers Centre April 6, 2009 in Toronto, Ontario.(Photo By Dave Sandford/Getty Images)

1. Toronto Blue Jays (6-2): powerful hitters everywhere and Halladay's dominating.

2. Florida Marlins (5-1): Josh Johnson an early Cy favorite.

3. Atlanta Braves (5-1): off to surprisingly fast start.

4. St. Louis Cardinals (6-2): Pujols wants to retain the MVP award.

5. San Diego Padres (6-2): nobody thought they'd be this good.

6. Baltimore Orioles (5-2): beat up division rivals - best 1-5 lineup in baseball.

7. Seattle Mariners (5-2): Ichiro can only make them better when he returns.

8. Los Angeles Dodgers (5-3): when will Manny come to play?

9. Chicago Cubs (5-2): who will close tomorrow?

10. Pittsburgh Pirates (4-3): Duke is phenomenal.

11. Kansas City Royals (4-3): Greinke hasn't yielded an earned run in two starts.

12. Tampa Bay Rays (4-3): Took 2-of-3 in Boston, but struggled against the O's.

13. Chicago White Sox (4-3): Quentin is continuing where he left off.

14. Philadelphia Phillies (4-3): The champs look like they have pitching problems.

15. Detroit Tigers (4-4): fresh off a sweep of the Rangers.

16. Los Angeles Angels (3-3): emotional week topped off by Beckett's unnecessary antics.

17. Cincinnati Reds (3-3): Votto is good, but the pitching is a concern.

18. Colorado Rockies (3-4): Tulowitzki is on fire after his injury.

19. Oakland Athletics (3-4): Took 2-of-3 from LA, but then swept by Seattle.

20. New York Mets (3-4): CitiField's opener was forgettable for the Mets.

21. Minnesota Twins (3-5): Pitching seems like a problem.

22. New York Yankees (3-5): Off to a disappointing start.

23. Texas Rangers (3-4): Swept Cleveland... then got swept by Detroit.

24. Boston Red Sox (2-5): Could Jon Lester have been any more overrated?

25. Arizona Diamondbacks (2-5): Webb's loss is devastating, but Scherzer returns today.

26. San Francisco Giants (2-5): Lincecum's struggles are cause for concern.

27. Milwaukee Brewers (2-5): Braun, Fielder, and Hardy need to show up.

28. Houston Astros (1-6): Lance Berkman, Carlos Lee, and especially Roy Oswalt need to step up. Another 2005 run isn't going to happen.

29. Cleveland Indians (1-6): It looks like Lee's Cy Young was a one year fluke.

30. Washington Nationals (0-7): Guzman, Dukes, and Dunn are all that's good with this team.