The Real 2008-2009 NHL Awards

Dave CharterContributor IApril 14, 2009

The "It didn't work AGAIN!!" award


Sponsored by Prince Albert Tuna.

Yes I do have it in a can!!

This one goes out to all the hockey players in the NHL that used the,now famous,

Forsberg move on a breakaway or shootout. Every second night we have watched

this one and I haven't seen a goalie stop it yet.

Cheers to the coaches that include it in their practise sessions because I think

everyone, including Danny Carcillo and Donald Brashear can do it by now.

The "keep rink rats employed" award

Sponsored by the North American Automobile Association


This one goes to a farm team goalie of the Boston Bruins.

Yes we mean you Tuukka Rask. I haven't seen so many things thrown

on the ice by one player since Jeremie Roenick spit out his chicklets

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at a ref for not calling a high sticking penalty when he took a stick in the mouth.

The "Cousin It" award

Sponsored by 2nd Choice Hair Cutters


Only one player in contention this year.

Scott Hartnell of the Philadelphia Flyers

He wins hands down this year because Carrot Top took up body building

instead of Hockey, Slash is't allowed a stick in his hands, and Dee Snider

is still trying to get the band back together.

The "You gotta be kidding me" award

Sponsored by Duct Tape.

Helping recycle composite sticks for use in Khazikstan!


Goes to............The New York Rangers....

You gotta be kidding me if you think Mr. Avery is in New York

to "buy into the team concept". It's just the biggest stage that he can

think of to promote his new book

" I'm normal.....Everyone else is a complete idiot"

With a caring forward by Elisha Cuthbert.

The "Please quit while you've got credibility" award

Sponsored by the George W Bush campaign for Sainthood.


This one goes out; with tears in my eyes; to Wayne Gretzky.

Please, please,please, give up the reigns behind the bench.

Too many years with no hope of anything except lots of time

to lower your handicap on the golf course. People in this league

still love you and have great respect for all you have done for

the game. From those of us that cheered the first time you

hoisted a cup, and cried with you when you hung up the

skates, please let someone else coach!

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