WWE Raw: John Cena vs. CM Punk Shows Why Their Feud Should Continue

Travis Taylor@@WriterTaylorFeatured ColumnistFebruary 27, 2013

Photo by WWE.com
Photo by WWE.com

The match on Monday Night Raw between John Cena and CM Punk was amazing. The two men took the show to a new level, making the rest of the night look like amateur hour.

If this is what Cena and Punk will bring to the ring in a new feud for the WWE Championship then the WWE should make it happen.

The two former champions battled on Raw for the No. 1 contender's spot at WrestleMania. It had been rumored The Undertaker would show up to interfere, since he had wrestled a house show two days earlier in the same state. 

It's a good thing he didn't, because the WWE Universe would have been robbed of an outstanding bout.

These guys have faced each other in the ring before, many times. But this time was different. Maybe it was because the road to WrestleMania has kicked off into high gear. Or perhaps it was because these guys are so damn good and their backstory is solid.

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Either way, they delivered an outstanding bout that left the crowd energized and reacting in ways not always seen on Raw.

With momentum swinging back and forth between the two, Cena and Punk put on a wrestling clinic of holds and reversals. From STF to Anaconda Vise and back, neither man could gain the advantage. To make things more intense, both men pulled out moves that garnered an audible gasp from the crowd.

Punk connected with an exciting piledriver. An old-school move, yes, but still impressive to watch, as the potential for real injury is high. But Cena was not to be outdone, as he displayed skills rarely seen by the Cenation leader. He stepped beyond his usual Five Moves of Doom, scoring with an impressive powerbomb.

But Cena topped the match off with a hurricanrana. Like seeing Brock Lesnar do a Shooting Star Press, watching Cena leap from the mat to Punk's shoulders showed his exceptional athletic skill.

But don't be fooled. It wasn't just their wrestling skill or backstory that sold this bout.

It was their chemistry.

They have wrestled on Raw, at house shows, on pay-per-view, over titles; nearly 40 times in the past five years. It always works with these two because, like actors in a movie or on stage, they work great together. 

Today's wrestling is nothing without the chemistry of the wrestlers and their ability to sell the story.

The Rock will be out of the WWE shortly after WrestleMania. He's a huge draw and a big name that always gets a massive crowd response. Cena will be a great champion after Rock, but he's going to need someone to challenge him. Someone who can make a run for the WWE championship and help turn it into something special again.

The fans may think, "Enough already with Cena and Punk! Give someone else a chance!" But who else can realistically step into the title picture so quickly and not miss a step?

This is entertainment—reality television and sports rolled into one. The spots need to be big, the matches compelling, the moves intense enough to leave fans gasping and wondering what is going to happen next.

If the match on Monday Night Raw is any sign of what a continued Cena-Punk feud would bring to WWE rings, then let these guys bang heads a few more times. We'll all win in the end.

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