Celtics vs. Lakers Rematch in the Finals, How Good Are the Chances?

Kevin SandersContributor IApril 9, 2009

Can the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers meet in the NBA Finals this year?

The Boston Celtics have had a variety of injury problems this season, but can Boston make it to the finals?

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been outstanding this year at home, 38-1 this season, and look like they will take the top seed in the East. Boston, who right now holds the second seed in the East, would play the Chicago Bulls in the first-round if the season ended today. Cleveland would play the Detroit Pistons, who haven't been playing their best ball as of late.

In the west, the Lakers clinched the No. 1 seed and home-court through out the playoffs. The Lakers have really stepped up since the injury to Andrew Bynum about two months ago. They are looking to go to the finals and they have an amazing shot this season. The Lakers have won over 60 games this season and everytime Phil Jackson's teams have won 60 games they have won the title.

In Boston it's looking like Kevin Garnett will be good to go as they enter the post-season. This season it will be a very hard road to the finals, as they will have to play Cleveland on the road to punch their ticket. With the Cavs turning in their best season in franchise history it will be a difficult journey.

Coach Doc Rivers will have to get his bench players to step it up if they want to repeat. Captain Paul Pierce will have to play like he did last playoffs and he will also need help from Rondo, Allen, and Garnett. If they can all play their best ball for four-out-of-seven games in each series then they will be in good shape.

The Lakers will have one real test in my mind this post-season run and that's the Utah Jazz. Utah has great young players who can hurt the Lakers in a long series. Im thinking that even the Dallas Mavericks will be a test, but not the hardest one. Also the Houston Rockets will make it into the second-round this season but without Tracy Mcgrady they won't get any farther.

So, to put my perspective on the situation I see the Lakers and the Celtics in the finals this year for one reason. Lebron James will not be able to beat the Celtics starting five, maybe the bench unless Eddie House shoots like he can from the 3-point line, then the Cavs will have a hard time. Also Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, K.G, and even Rondo will make it very difficult for the Lebrons.

So I'm saying Lakers-Celtics in the finals with the Boston taking it in seven games.


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