WWE Legends: 5 Things You Need to Know About Dutch 'Zeb Colter' Mantell

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistFebruary 13, 2013

WWE Legends: 5 Things You Need to Know About Dutch 'Zeb Colter' Mantell

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    Jack Swagger's new manager might not be a familiar face to the younger generation of WWE fans, but he is all too familiar to long-time fans of the sport.

    Zeb Colter made it clear what his views were on Monday, but the real man known to the world as Dutch Mantell is so much more.

    He is a wrestling legend, historian and influential in more careers than you might think.

    Having him by Swagger's side gives the Real American a bit of an extra edge, but there is a lot fans might want to know about the new manager.

    Here are five things you need to know about Wayne Keown AKA Dutch Mantell AKA Uncle Zebekiah AKA Zeb Colter.

He Has Managed WWE Superstars Before

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    Anyone wondering why JBL had such a great reaction to Zeb Colter on Monday might not be aware that the two were once paired in WWE.

    When JBL debuted, he was known as Justin Hawk Bradshaw, and he was managed by Uncle Zeb.

    JBL was a cowboy, like many of the superstars Zeb has associated himself with over the years.

    He has also managed The Blu Brothers in WWE, a team consisting of twin brothers Ron and Don Harris, who may be more familiar to WWE fans under the names 8-Ball and Skull.

    This is not Zeb's first time in the big leagues and he will bring Swagger a little bit of heel credibility along with a change to his image.

    Zeb is huge addition to @wwe @realjackswagger he is one of best talkers in the biz and he and Swagger will be a great team. Glad he's back!

    — John Layfield (@JCLayfield) February 12, 2013

He Gave Steve Austin His Name

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    One of the better known tidbits about Dutch Mantell is that he is the man who turned a would-be wrestler named Steve Williams into a badass known as Steve Austin.

    When Austin was breaking into the business, he had the unfortunate situation of being saddled with a real name being used by a major superstar, Doctor Death Steve Williams.

    Mantell changed his name to Austin and it stuck to him throughout his career. Being named Steve Austin did not make Steve Williams successful, but Mantell was instrumental in his career in other ways as well.

He Has 40 Years of Wrestling Knowledge to Give

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    Wayne Keown debuted in the wrestling business in 1973 and has earned a reputation as a great worker, intelligent mind and major influence.

    As a wrestler, he is best known as Dirty Dutch Mantell and he was most successful in the NWA territories as a tag team wrestler with numerous partners.

    He has remained active in the wrestling community to this day, often blogging on the sport at his official website and even appearing at various indy events.

He Is One of the Greatest Bookers of All Time in Puerto Rico

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    Not only is Dutch Mantell credited with some of the early successes of TNA as a booker and writer, but he is also a record holder in Puerto Rico for his work.

    As the booker for Puerto Rican IWA, he booked shows for four hours every week, for five years—setting ratings records on television and drawing major crowds to the IWA shows.

    Mantell's mind has benefited many over the years, from big names like Sting and Undertaker to people behind the scenes writing the shows.

Mantell Has Held Almost 50 Titles in His Career

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    When you have a career that spans 40 years and takes you all over the world, you are bound to collect some things along the way.

    Some people collect post card, others collect stamps. Dutch Mantell collected titles.

    Throughout his storied career, Dutch Mantell has held nearly 50 titles in various territories throughout the US and Puerto Rico.

    His accolades are nearly evenly split between tag team and singles success, which is one of the marks of someone who can do anything.

    Unfortunately, he never won any titles in WCW or WWE, which will keep him off many "Best of" rankings lists.

    There are many ways to measure one's success in the wrestling industry, and Mantell has been successful in most of those ways.

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