Tensai: Will His New Dancing Gimmick Finally Win over the Fans?

Travis Taylor@@WriterTaylorFeatured ColumnistFebruary 7, 2013

Photo by WWE.com
Photo by WWE.com

(Warning: This article contains potential spoilers.)

Has Tensai found something that works for him? Apparently all it took was putting on lingerie and dancing in the ring with Brodus Clay.

After plowing through different looks and names, his new gimmick is connecting with fans. Could it earn him a title or two? 

This behemoth of a wrestler deserves the chance to connect with fans and ride that wave to some real success. Because ever since he came to WWE, he's been going nowhere.

He started in WWE in 1999 as Prince Albert, saving Droz from The Big Bossman. He soon dropped the "Prince" and became just Albert. He defeated Kane for his one and only WWE title, the Intercontinental championship, which he held for less than a month.

Tensai spent time with Test and Trish Stratus as T&A. Next he briefly became A-Train after becoming associated with Paul Heyman and Big Show in 2002. He was released from WWE in 2004 while out with a torn rotator cuff. 

He wisely spent the next several years in Japan before coming back in 2012, first as Lord Tensai, then simply Tensai.

But nothing ever seemed to work for him and he always drowned on the card. Even his massive push when he returned last year quickly fizzled. 

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But why?

Perhaps it’s because none of his previous characters have had any sides to them. He’s always been the mean monster of a man. His only emotions were anger and hate. In short, he has always been one dimensional and boring.

In WWE, boring won’t cut it.

But there's change in the air.

It all started with the Raw episode from Las Vegas, where Tensai was booked in a bout with Brodus Clay. With the help of the roulette wheel, it was first meant to be a lingerie match. But after Tensai left, it was changed to a dance contest.

The two met in the ring and did in fact dance. Only Tensai still showed up in the lingerie. It had to have been an embarrassing moment for the big man. But he swallowed his pride, as he has done for so many years in the WWE, and went with it.

The result? The fans cheered him while he danced.

WWE Main Event followed this, where Tensai was mocked for his dancing by the Prime Time Players. He wrestled Titus O'Neil later that night, where he garnered cheers. After the bout, the crowd cheered his name as he danced with Clay once again.  

According to Lordsofpain.net, Tensai also debuted the new gimmick at a Chattanooga, TN house show. On the card he was scheduled against Alex Riley. The two had a dance off before the bout, which Tensai won. Next, the two men wrestled and the big man squashed Riley.

After the bout, Riley demanded another shot at Tensai. The second bout lasted roughly 30 seconds, with Tensai winning once again. Tensai then danced in the ring as the local crowd cheered wildly for him.

Who knew that sometimes being funny is better than being fierce?

If this is the direction WWE is going to with Tensai (born: Matt Bloom), more power to them.

It certainly looks like this dancing Tensai will be coming to Raw or SmackDown very soon. On the recent SmackDown tapings this past Tuesday, Clay once again came to the save of Tensai after he was attacked by 3MB.

Now, an angle with 3MB isn't the most exciting thing, but a potential face turn for Tensai and pairing with Clay is. Dancing and laughs aside, the two men together could be the next Natural Disasters, who held the WWE World Tag Team titles in 1992.

Tensai is a strong wrestler. While in Japan he was able to show off his skills and more aggressive side, something he really hasn't been able to do in WWE. In New Japan Pro Wrestling, he won titles, tournaments and respect. 

If Tensai and Clay continue their association, they would make one heck of a tag team. With Rhodes Scholars gone and the Prime Time Players possibly on the way out, there's big opening for a couple of big men. 

Sure, dancing in the ring isn't perhaps the thing a respectable athlete would want to be known for or how they would want to get over with the fans. But WWE is about entertainment. The truth of the matter is the more popular a wrestler is with the fans, the more likely he is to be pushed by management.

Tensai deserves a push, no matter how he has to do it.