Go Daddy Super Bowl Commercial: Big Idea Ad Continues Company's Strong Sunday

Matt Fitzgerald@@MattFitz_geraldCorrespondent IIIFebruary 4, 2013

Danica Patrick and Go Daddy have done it again during Super Bowl XLVII.
Danica Patrick and Go Daddy have done it again during Super Bowl XLVII.Jamey Price/Getty Images

The popular Internet domain registrar Go Daddy has continued to captivate audiences with its flashy commercials on Super Bowl Sunday.

After an ad featuring supermodel Bar Refaeli, the possibly better follow-up was entitled "Your Big Idea."

This hilarious ad helps maintain the company's momentum and strong marketing presence on the sports world's biggest stage, which should only increase its popularity.

To start out, the spot screens a man and a woman sitting on a couch, and the woman poses the question, "Hey Joe, when are you ever going to put your idea online?"

Average Joe implies that he will get around to it eventually and begins to explain that no one else has possibly thought of it. At that point, it cuts to several different couples sitting in their homes, intimating the same sort of idea.

Not only does that immediately establish what Go Daddy itself does, but it appeals to the masses who have ever had a brilliant revelation but not necessarily shared it with many people. The fact that all kinds of people from around the world are brought in also broadens the commercial appeal.

After these seemingly brilliant men bicker back and forth with their significant others through various cuts, the final scene takes place in what looks to be a private jet.

A man is seated with his presumptive wife as a female server stands in between them.

He proclaims that he is so thankful that he put his idea online first. That indicates that this man beat the other dreamers to the proverbial punch. He is drinking champagne, dressed in a casual button-down white shirt, navy blazer, yellow pants and nice shoes.

The server standing between the seated couple asks him, "More champagne, sir?"

Then, his classic one-liner response, as tweeted by ESPN's Andrew Brandt:

The couple and waitress erupt with laughter, as the next shot shifts attention briefly to the pilot of the plane. It just so happens to be longtime Go Daddy ad staple Danica Patrick, who is also laughing.

The term "sky waitress" is destined to end up in Super Bowl commercial lore, and it will be exciting to see what Go Daddy has to offer moving forward after this strong effort.


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