CM Punk: 7 Curious Facts About WWE's Anti-Hero

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CM Punk: 7 Curious Facts About WWE's Anti-Hero

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    CM Punk is an interesting guy. 

    You can tell just by looking at him. As the WWE continues to feature huge, musclebound monstrosities on the roster, Punk remains as one of the few smaller guys who don't rely on their ginormous biceps. 

    Look a little deeper into CM Punk and he gets even more interesting. 

    Here are seven curious facts about the man that WWE fans love to hate, CM Punk. 

1. He Was One of Ring of Honor's First Head Trainers

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    It's no secret that CM Punk was a major part of Ring of Honor's success. The former ROH World Heavyweight champion had a number of memorable feuds during his time with ROH. 

    Punk had a great feud with Raven in the early days of his ROH career, and he and former tag team partner and real life best friend Colt Cabana had a few programs with the Briscoe Brothers. Punk also had a ridiculously awesome series against Samoa Joe as well as a ton of other memorable contests with the ROH roster. 

    While many people know that Punk was a major player on the ROH card, few know just how involved Punk was with Ring of Honor. 

    Punk was one of the first ever ROH head trainers. The head trainer position at ROH is held in very high regard. Other notable head trainers were: Bryan Danielson, Austin Aries, Delirious and Daizee Haze. 

2. CM Actually Stands for Chick Magnet

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    Depending on where you look, the "CM" in Punk's wrestling name could mean a number of things. Some sources say it stands for "Cookie Monster" or "Cookie Master," referring to his childhood love of cookies. Other sources say it stands for: Charles Montgomery, Chuck Mosley, Crooked Moonsault, Charles Manson, Chicago Made or Crazy Mariachi. 

    So why all this confusion? Ask CM Punk. Punk has admitted on numerous occasions that he enjoys giving people a ton of different names, just to mess with them.

    Finally, in an interview with, he revealed the true meaning behind his first two letters:

    Originally it stood for Chick Magnet. I got put into a tag team with this other dude on a whim because somebody didn't show up to a show. It was only supposed to be a one-shot deal, I wasn't even ready to wrestle yet, I didn't have gear or anything, they just put me in the ring and beat the crap out of me. I had to come back the next month and the next month and it was something that stuck. I tried to get rid of it, and it wound up getting shortened to the initials. I was always Punk, but Chick Magnet at least got shortened to CM. I tell people it stands for C. Montgomery Burns, as in Mr. Burns from The Simpsons. I tell people they are initials for my real name, Chuck Mosley, which is not true at all. I'll say it stands for Crooked Moonsault, Charles Manson…Cookie Monster is another good one.

    Whether you call him Cookie Monster, Chuck Mosley or Chick Magnet, the last-minute change made a young Punk become CM Punk, who would go on to dominate in ROH and WWE. 

3. His Tattoos All Mean Something

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    Everyone knows that CM Punk has a ton of tattoos. That's no curious fact. 

    The meanings behind all of his tattoos, however, are pretty interesting. 

    For example, the Pepsi globe on his left shoulder is a symbol of his straight edge life (and love of Pepsi) and also pays homage to a similar Coca-Cola tattoo on the body of Brian Barker, a guitarist for the band Minor Threat. 

    Punk's left arm has numerous tattoos related to luck including a rabbit's foot, a four-leaf clover and a horseshoe along with the words "Luck is for Losers."

    The former WWE champ's other curious tats include his Cobra Command logo on his right shoulder and the No. 31 behind his ear. 

    The Cobra Command logo is a reference to Punk's love of comic books while the 31 behind his ear is his little sister's jersey number, which also includes stars underneath the number, all representing a different sibling. 

4. He Was Once in TNA

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    When most fans think of CM Punk, they think of the WWE or Ring of Honor. Few people recall Punk's early days in ROH when he was given a spot on the NWA: TNA roster, which would eventually become TNA. 

    Punk appeared a few times in TNA with Julio Dinero as members of Raven's stable "The Gathering."

    The Gathering feuded for a while with a few other small groups before Punk left NWA: TNA after TNA performers were informed that they were no longer allowed to simultaneously participate in Ring of Honor or other wrestling organizations. 

    Punk left TNA in 2004 before he ever really got started. 

    What if he stayed? We'd be seeing Punk vs. Samoa Joe every week...

5. He Won the First Ever Gulf of Mexico Match

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    Yes, you read that correctly. A "Gulf of Mexico" match. Rarely do you see a major body of water as a match stipulation. 

    In February of 2008, Chavo Guerrero and CM Punk intensified their ECW feud by having a match that could only be won by throwing the other man in the Gulf of Mexico. 

    After a hard-fought match that started in the ring, CM Punk countered a Guerrero suplex and sent him flying into the Gulf with a GTS. 

    Next logical step is a Grand Canyon match, right? 

6. His OVW Debut Was One to Remember

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    In these Curious Facts articles, it's always fun to take a look at the different debut matches of some of the WWE's biggest stars. 

    CM Punk's WWE debut against Val Venis on an episode of Sunday Night Heat wasn't too exciting. Punk's OVW, debut however, was a little interesting. 

    Punk made his televised debut in Ohio Valley Wrestling, one of the WWE's former developmental programs, against a professional wrestling journeyman named Danny Inferno. 

    After the match, Punk was taken to the hospital after one too many stiff shots from Inferno. Inferno broke Punk's nose and injured his ear drum. 

    Punk's first night in the biz is one that he won't forget. 

7. He Was Part of John Cena's Entrance

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    This fact is one that a lot of people probably know, but you can't deny that it's about as curious as it gets. 

    It's normal practice for WWE developmental guys to act as the security team or other random extras during WWE programming, but few of the random extras ever make it to the main event, especially to the level that Punk has reached. 

    Punk was a part of John Cena's WrestleMania 22 entrance (seen here) as an old-school gangster and is rumored to have spent a few big pay-per-views in robes as one of Undertaker's druids. 

    Hard to believe that the random face used in Cena's entrance would later beat him in some of the most epic WWE Championship matches since the Attitude Era. 

In Conclusion...

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    There you have it, seven curious facts about one of the WWE's most popular Superstars. 

    Punk is one of the most curious stories in the WWE. He was a huge player on the Indy scene, he's got a mysterious name, a ton of tats, took part in some crazy matches and even worked as a random extra during the entrances of a few big stars. 

    Through all of the craziness, Punk has climbed to the top and while he lost the WWE Championship to the Rock at this year's Royal Rumble, we haven't seen the last of Cookie Monster Punk in the World Championship scene.

    Fans under 13 might hate him and fans over 13 may love him, but regardless of your thoughts on CM Punk, you can't deny that he's had some very strange experiences in professional wrestling. 

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