4 Things Even Lakers Fans Hate About Kobe

Tyson Agbayani@tysonagbayaniCorrespondent IJanuary 29, 2013

4 Things Even Lakers Fans Hate About Kobe

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    Kobe Bryant is one of the best NBA basketball players of all time and along with that title, one of the most hated.  

    Fans all over the league find reasons to hate on Bryant no matter what he does or accomplishes. Whether it be because he is too "arrogant" or just flat-out too successful, critics will always find ways to bring him down. 

    While there is no denying Bryant's greatness with the Los Angeles Lakers, even Lakers fans often find themselves hating on their star.

    As a Lakers fan myself, I'd be lying if I wrote that Bryant's game was perfect.  Like many NBA players, Bryant possesses tendencies that are detrimental to the team.           

    So without further ado, here are four things Lakers fans hate about Kobe Bryant. 

Spends Way Too Much Time Complaining

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    Let's face it, if there's one thing guaranteed that Kobe Bryant will do each and every time he is on the floor, it would be complain.

    Bryant is notorious for complaining to officials whether he is right or wrong.  It doesn't matter if he is on offense or defense, if there is a call or non-call that he doesn't like, you'll be sure to see him speak up about it.     

    Granted, Bryant isn't the only superstar nor player that questions referees' officiating regularly, he is a player that has been penalized for it and often.  Bryant is currently tied for the most technicals in the league with nine.

    So why do Lakers fan hate when Bryant complains?  Simple, because it hurts the team.

    When Bryant is peppering officials about a missed call on the offensive end, he often stays back while the ball is still in play to argue, giving the other team a numbers advantage on the other end.  

    This happens way too often with Bryant and seems to be a habit too far gone to correct. Bryant has to realize that although sometimes he may be in the right to complain, he is hurting his team by doing so.       

Poor Off-Ball Defense

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    One of the glaring issues Lakers fans have had with Kobe Bryant, has been his commitment on the defensive end.

    Although known as one of the NBA's better on-ball defenders, when Bryant is not on the ball, he is average to say the least.  

    Over and over again, Bryant has shown his weakness as an off-ball defender and teams have started to exploit this.  Bryant has consistently been caught out of position this season and in most cases, it's because he is watching the ball.

    Guards have been having field days against the Lakers defense, and if Bryant continues to be out of position, that trend will continue.

    Bryant must limit his running around screens, overplaying of passing lanes and ball watching if the Lakers and their defense want to see improvements.     

Continues to Shoot, Even If It Isn't Falling

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    While I'm quite aware that Bryant has dished 28 assists over the past two games, this isn't the first time Lakers fans have seen Bryant go into facilitator mode. 

    Bryant has shown throughout his career the ability to find the open man, but only when he wants to.  If history is any indicator for what's to come of this, it's that Bryant will eventually return to his normal ways.

    And that means more shooting. 

    Bryant is currently averaging a team high 21.6 shot attempts per game and in games when Bryant has 20 or more shot attempts, the Lakers are 6-22.

    Although jacking up shots has always been Bryant's game, it's when he continues to shoot while he's cold that makes Lakers fans hate.  

    Numerous times this season, Bryant has shot his team out of ball games simply because he is trying to find his stroke.  

    Even though Bryant is the main option on offense, Bryant should have the sense to limit his shots when they aren't falling.  

His Ego

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    So what do Lakers fans hate the most but still love about Kobe Bryant?

    His Ego.

    Aside from Bryant's stellar performances in the last two games, his game hasn't really changed since the additions of Steve Nash and Dwight Howard.

    At the age of 34, Bryant's ego is still controlling the way he approaches games and his shoot-first mentality seems to be a trait he wants to, but cannot shake.

    Bryant is clearly still that player that will attack the basket with three defenders on him or jack a contested jumper over two.  His ego just isn't built for anything less than a first option on a team, no matter who is on it.     

    But as much as Lakers fans may want to hate on Bryant's ego or blame it for the Lakers' struggles this season, success doesn't lie.

    With five championship rings and numerous other accolades, Bryant and his ego are one of the main reasons for his own personal achievements and the Lakers' success.