Top 10 FC Barcelona Throwback Kits All Fans Must Own

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Top 10 FC Barcelona Throwback Kits All Fans Must Own

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    Call it nostalgia, or call it simply a collector's dream, there's nothing like a sweet-looking throwback jersey. 

    Unlike the other major sports, football/soccer is always providing fans with another reason to shell out some cash to get the latest kit. Some kits are instant classics, while others are just awful.

    FC Barcelona is a club that has not changed too much about their jersey. The traditional blaugrana has been the staple throughout the years, although there have been changes in the fashion of the stripes.

    To honor FC Barcelona, I decided to come up with a list of the top 10 FC Barcelona throwback kits of all time. There were plenty of great kits to choose from, so the decision to cut it down to ten was a bit tough.

    I decided to collaborate with my friend and fellow Barça columnist, Tre' Atkinson, for this article. Both of us came up with our own top ten, then through process of elimination, we came up with the definitive top ten.

    With that being said, Tre' and I would like to present the Top 10 FC Barcelona Throwback Kits All Fans Must Own.


1992 European Championship Orange Jersey

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    Tre': This jersey may be one of the most beautiful ever worn by Barcelona that does not contain the Blaugrana stripe. The sheer style of this shirt coincides with one of the greatest eras for Barca. The fabled dream team, including Pep Guardiola himself, wore this very shirt. Though many fans do not collect non-home jerseys, this is a must have.

    Xoel: Every time I think of this kit, I think of three words: The Dream Team. Johan Cruyff lead his Dream Team to the European Championship where they defeated Sampdoria in extra time, thanks to Ronald Koeman's free kick golazo. This is a kit to collect as it represents Barcelona's first European championship.


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    Xoel: Six titles. Pep Guardiola's first season as manager. The beginning of Lionel Messi wearing the number 10. And the greatest season in FC Barcelona history. Of course the 2008-09 home kit has to be on the list. You can't go wrong with any player kit. I own a Messi 08-09 kit, and I'm keeping it for a very long time. 

    Tre': When looking at the history of Barcelona, the 08/09 may be the greatest of all time. La Blaugrana won six trophies and fielded a team that may never be rivaled again. Cules everywhere must own this historic jersey to show the greatness of their club. And many options are available such as Puyol, Xavi and Lionel Messi.

1998-1999 Rivaldo Jersey

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    Xoel: Rivaldo was one of the best players to wear Blaugrana. Though he was only at Barcelona for five years, Rivaldo became a superstar during his time at the Camp Nou. Now at age 40, Rivaldo is still playing professional football.

    The 1998-99 kit is also special because it's the kit that Xavi Hernandez was wearing when he made his debut with the first squad. 

    Tre': The number of great players to apply their trade for Barcelona is staggering. But there are some who have stood out in the world of football. Rivaldo won the Ballon d’Or just like Ronaldinho and Lionel Messi. He is one of the figureheads for La Blaugrana and the reason for the outreach of Barcelona at the turn of the century. His player of the year shirt should hang right beside Ronaldinho’s.


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    Xoel: The 1999-2000 kit is very nice, and if you can get your hands on one, I suggest you don't wear it for sport purposes. With it's collar and more stylish look, the centennial kit is more for special occasions. Wear this kit with pride just like Luis Enrique, Pep Guardiola and Rivaldo wore it. I can't say the same thing about Luis Figo, though. What a traitor!

    Tre': The turn of the century brought wonderful things to Barcelona. First the club wore the centennial jersey to commemorate 100 years of existence. But also, current captain Carles Puyol made his debut for La Blaugrana. The 100 year anniversary jersey is pure class, but why not pick up one showing off the humble captain of the current squad.


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    Tre: Honestly, this shirt speaks for itself. The style used in the string collar is phenomenal. Easily the best jersey of its day, this design should be brought back soon because it would be an instant success. Not many shirts come close to matching the beauty of the 1950’s Blaugrana jersey. It was a classic then and it is a classic today, this is the showy jersey of any collection.

    Xoel: You wanna talk throwback. This is throwback! Simple and stylish. This kit was famously worn by Barça legends like Luis Suarez, Antoni Ramallets, Cesar and Laszlo Kubala. Get your hands on one of these if you can. Yes, it kind of looks like a pajama, but a sweet-looking pajama.

1980’s Kit

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    Tre': The jersey worn throughout the 1980’s is simply known as the Barcelona kit. Every modern jersey is designed with this shirt in mind. The beauty and history of this shirt is remarkable and everyone should have one for their collection. Had it not been for this kit, most in this list would not be here.

    Xoel: Perhaps the staple FC Barcelona jersey, the Barcelona kit of the 1980s was the kit I remember seeing as a child. This Meyba classic is a jersey that all Barca fans should at least have in their collection. Try and get a Diego Maradona kit.


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    Xoel: This jersey is definitely in my top three. I love the "Camp Nou 1957-2007" that circled around the crest. This kit was the last kit Ronaldinho wore for El Blaugrana as he along with Deco, Gianluca Zambrotta and manager Frank Rijkaard were all out after the season. A passing of the torch was coming as Lionel Messi  left the number 19 and took over the number 10 from Dinho after the 07-08 season.

    Tre': This jersey is one of the most beautiful the club has ever worn. But there is also a special memory attached to it. It was the shirt worn in the final year of both Ronaldinho and Deco before Pep Guardiola took command. The shirt was also used to celebrate the 110th birthday for Barcelona. This jersey represents the end of an era and should be part of every collection. 

2003-2004 Messi’s first kit

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    Tre': Lionel Messi is the greatest player to ever kick a football, not to mention the greatest to ever put on a Barcelona shirt. The first jersey Lionel Messi ever wore is the absolute necessity for any Cule. It is odd to see Messi wear anything other than the number 10, and that is why this is such a special shirt. Again, this is a jersey that represents Barcelona’s rich history.

    Xoel: Arguably the toughest jersey to find, the Lionel Messi number 30 "rookie" kit is one of the most special kits not only in FC Barcelona history, but in football history. I've tried looking for this kit, but it's not something you can just find on eBay on a regular basis. If you are able to find this kit, never sell it. Unless, of course, I'm looking to buy it from you.

1970’s Cruyff

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    Tre': This is the trophy of any jersey collection. The jersey of the 1970’s was the stepping stone in Barcelona’s historic rise to greatness and was worn by the man who made Barcelona. Johan Cruyff will always be the godsend to Barcelona. To own the jersey of the legend himself is to complete the most impressive collection one can assemble. If you are a serious collector, then you already own this shirt.

    Xoel: Johan Cruyff changed FC Barcelona forever. If you consider yourself a true Culé, you will get this kit soon—if you don't have it already. It's one of those kits you'll want to wear over and over. Something about the larger crest makes it pretty sweet. Cruyff is the godfather of FC Barcelona—and you always respect your godfather. Get it today.

2005-2006 Ronaldinho Jersey

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    Tre': What greater prize could a Cule own? Ronaldinho is one of the most important players to ever wear the Blaugrana jersey. Fans must absolutely own the jersey of the legendary Brazilian. But why this specific year? Ronaldinho won the Ballon d’Or in this very shirt. This jersey is the very essence of Ronaldinho and the standard he set. Get it now!

    Xoel: As Tre' mentioned, this Ronaldinho jersey is special is because this is the kit he wore during his Ballon d'Or year. Also, let's not forget this is the same jersey Dinho was wearing when he had one of the most amazing performances in Clásico history, going into the Santiago Bernabeu and scoring two amazing goals in the November 2005 Clásico. The Madridistas stood and applauded as Ronaldinho single-handedly defeated Real Madrid.

Future Throwback to Collect

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    We have selected two "Future Throwbacks" that fans need to collect. The first one is this season's kit.

    Xoel: If you haven't bought this season's jersey, go get it! It's the kit Messi wore when he broke Gerd Muller's record for most goals in a calendar year—not to mention grabbing his fourth Ballon d'Or. Also, if Barcelona continue this record pace in La Liga, they will surpass the 100 point mark. Plus, we've never seen a kit design like this before. For those reasons alone, this kit will become a collector's item.

    Tre': The first jersey that should become an instant collection is being worn right now. In this new jersey, Lionel Messi was awarded his fourth straight Ballon d’ Or making history and solidifying his name as the greatest to ever play the game. The jersey already carries history on it with Messi and the beginning of the Tito Vilanova era. If your collection is just beginning, grab this jersey while you can.

Future Throwback to Collect

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    Tre': Next season’s away kit already means so much. As a Catalan, I have been crying out for a Senyera design as the away kit for as long as I can remember. The moment it hits stores it should be added to every Cule’s collection worldwide. The jersey shows the Catalan Nationalism, the heart of Barcelona, and struggle the club has always faced. The Senyera jersey will mean more than any other shirt ever worn. I will be grabbing a Xavi and Puyol senyera kit the day it is released and will wear it proudly.

    Xoel: This is without a doubt the kit that will have the most significance in FC Barcelona history. The Senyera jersey will become a political statement for many Culés. You don't have to be politically savvy to wear the kit, but you should at least do a bit of research to understand why this kit will be so important. I will certainly get a customized "Xoel" kit, as well as a Xavi kit.

    Is there a kit you think deserved to be the top 10? Which kit(s) do you own, or want to buy? Which kit is the best? Let us know in the comments below.

    Thanks to The Catalan Blood of Bleacher Report. Tre' Atkinson, for collaborating on this article. Check out his great articles here on Bleacher Report.

    Hope you enjoyed our article. Visca el Barça!

    XoelThe Voice of FC Barcelona on the net, period.

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