Breaking Down L.A. Clippers' Insane 15-Game Win Streak by the Numbers

Maxwell Ogden@MaxwellOgdenCorrespondent IIIDecember 28, 2012

Breaking Down L.A. Clippers' Insane 15-Game Win Streak by the Numbers

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    With a dominant 106-77 victory over the Boston Celtics, the Los Angeles Clippers have extended their winning streak to 15 games.

    Matt Barnes led the way with 21 points, and Chris Paul added 11 assists. Lamar Odom chipped in 13 rebounds and four blocks, while Eric Bledsoe came up with six steals.

    In other words, the Clippers dominated every statistical category possible—the story of their streak.

    Although we could look at the win column and allow the victories to speak for themselves, there is more to it than that. For that reason, B/R is going by the numbers to break down how the Clippers have made history.

    If there is one thing we can promise, it is that the streak becomes all the more impressive when one breaks it all down.

Most Recent Loss: November 26, 2012

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    The last time the Los Angeles Clippers tasted defeat was on Nov. 26, 2012.

    In a showdown with Chris Paul's former team, the Clippers fell 105-98 to the New Orleans Hornets. Blake Griffin finished just 1-of-9 with four points and six rebounds.

    Since then, Griffin is averaging 19.2 points and 8.5 rebounds per game.

    More importantly, L.A. avenged that loss with a 93-77 victory over New Orleans on Dec. 19.

    For those who have yet to do the math, it has been over one month since the Clippers lost a game. Entering their Dec. 28 game against the Utah Jazz, it will have been 32 days.

    Correction: 32 days and counting.

Points Per Game: 103.8

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    Over the span of their 15-game win streak, the Los Angeles Clippers are averaging 103.8 points per game. As for how they're managing that, consider it to be a result of balance.

    Balance and variety.

    During this 15-game stretch, the Clippers are averaging 18.9 fast-break points per game. They are also averaging 51.5 points in the paint per contest.

    Tack on 21.4 points per game off of three-point field goals, and you have yourself an unstoppable offensive attack.

    For one final group of statistics, the Clippers have scored at least 100 points in 11 of these 15 games. They have scored 110 or more in five.

    Good luck stopping them.

Points Allowed Per Game: 87.5

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    During their 15-game winning streak, the L.A. Clippers are allowing an average of 87.5 points per game.

    Throughout the duration of their winning streak, they've held 13 of 15 teams under 100 points. Ten of those 15 have scored 90 or fewer.

    Furthermore, the Clippers have held four of their past six opponents to 77 points or fewer.

    If you cannot score on them, how do you beat them?

Average Margin of Victory: 16.3 Points

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    During their 15-game win streak, the Los Angeles Clippers' average margin of victory has been 16.3 points per game.

    Their most recent victory against the Boston Celtics was right on par with such dominance.

    A 106-77 drubbing. A 29-point win.

    During this 15-game stretch, the Clippers have won 11 games by double-figures.

    They have achieved victory by at least 25 points in four of those games.

    Dominance, folks. Pure and utter dominance.

Assists Per Game: 26.0

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    The key to the Los Angeles Clippers' offensive success has been their unparalleled ball movement.

    Whether in transition or the half court, L.A. has dished it out in a selfless manner.

    Twenty-six assists per game speaks to that.

    Led by Chris Paul, who is averaging 9.6 assists over the 15-game winning streak, the Clippers are consistently making the extra pass. Such has led to openings along the perimeter and interior lanes.

    In turn, the Clippers are shooting the lights out. Allow the following slide to define that brilliance.

Field-Goal Percentage: 48.4

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    If the number of points the Los Angeles Clippers are scoring each night does not impress you, perhaps their field-goal percentage will.

    Over their past 15 games, the Clips are shooting 48.4 percent from the floor. They are also converting 34.3 percent of their attempts from beyond the arc.

    This has come on an average of 37.9 field goals made per game. They are also averaging 7.1 three-point field goals made per contest.

    This is not a result of luck, folks. It is ball movement in the form of 26 assists per game that has led to their jaw-dropping shooting percentages.

    It is this ball movement that will sustain this elite level of performance.

Opponent Field-Goal Percentage: 41.6

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    Not only are the Los Angeles Clippers shooting the lights out, but they are holding their opponents to virtually nothing.

    During their 15-game winning streak, the Clips are holding opponents to 41.6 percent shooting from the floor. They are allowing opponents to convert 33.2 percent of their attempts from beyond the arc.

    With L.A. shooting 48.4 percent from the floor, that's a differential of 6.8 percent.

    A major reason for this number has been the Clippers' defensive tenacity along the perimeter and on the interior. Over the span of their winning streak, the are averaging 6.4 blocks per victory and forcing turnovers left and right.

Turnover Differential: Plus-4.7

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    Over the span of their 15-game winning streak, the Los Angeles Clippers have won the turnover battle in 13 of 15 games. That is how you emerge victorious.

    During that time, the Clippers are averaging 12.0 turnovers per game. They are forcing opponents into 16.7 turnovers per game.

    That is a turnover differential of plus-4.7.

    This has led to the Clippers averaging 12.3 points off of turnovers per victory. Considering they are scoring 18.9 fast-break points per game during this streak, it is not too difficult to translate the numbers.

    If you turn the ball over, you will lose to the Clippers.

Bench Scoring Per Game: 46.7 Points

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    Over the duration of their 15-game winning streak, the Clippers' second unit is averaging 46.7 points per game.

    And it doesn't end there.

    The L.A. reserves are also averaging 20.1 rebounds, 11.1 assists, 5.1 steals and 4.3 blocks during this stretch. In other words, the Clippers' second unit has been as dominant a force as any set of starters in the league.

    Jamal Crawford is averaging 15.2 points, Eric Bledsoe is swiping 1.9 steals, and Lamar Odom is grabbing 7.4 rebounds per game. Even Matt Barnes is dropping in 13.8 points a night during their streak.

    With no drop-off from starters to reserves, how do you defeat this team? Since November 26th, no one has been able to answer that question.

    Best of luck.

Dunks: 119

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    Over the span of their 15-game winning streak, the Los Angeles Clippers have thrown down a total of 119 dunks. That's an average of 7.9 dunks per game.

    Enjoy the highlight.