Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez Results: Round-by-Round Analysis, Recap

Briggs Seekins@BriggsfighttalkFeatured ColumnistDecember 9, 2012

Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez Results: Round-by-Round Analysis, Recap

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    Someday when I'm an old man, I suspect that there will be young folks out there who know me as that old dude who never stops talking about Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao.

    I'll be the old guy who goes on and on about their historic rivalry, their first three dead-even fights that went 2-0-1 for the great Pacquiao, even though, if you ask me, Marquez should have gotten the nod in the second and third fights.

    But there's no question that what I will be talking about most is what just happened Saturday night, the most exciting thing I have ever seen in a boxing ring: Juan Manuel Marquez's brilliant counter overhand right that put the great Pac-Man to sleep at 2:59 of Round 6.

    Make no mistake, boxing fans, this will go down as one of the most historic one-punch knockouts in the sport's history.

    This may have been the shortest fight of their classic series, but it was a full-out war while it lasted. Pacquiao came out looking as good as he has in three years, showing brilliant head movement that made it very difficult for Marquez to counter-punch him.

    Marquez, meanwhile, stayed patient for the first two rounds, working Pacquiao's body. You could almost see him thinking about how to solve the new wrinkle Pac-Man was showing. 

    The fight heated up in the third, as Marquez dropped Pacquiao with a perfectly timed overhand right, set up by a fake to the body. Pacquiao was clearly hurt.

    Nevertheless, Pacquiao recovered well and came out strong in the fourth. It was a competitive round that I scored for Marquez, but that could have easily gone either way. 

    It was clear that both great warriors were settling in for another legendary battle. 

    Pacquiao evened up the knockdown total in the fifth, dropping Marquez midway through the round and then hurting him badly with a brutal right hook inside of the last minute of the round. Marquez's legs were wobbly and it seemed like a miracle that he even made it to the end of the round.

    Marquez came out for Round 6 with a busted nose. While the Mexican great was clearly still in the fight, Pacquiao looked to be pulling away. It was clearly going to be another round or Pacquiao.

    And then it happened. With one second left in the round Marquez, one of the most dangerous counter-puncher's in boxing history, landed the counter of his career, finding Pacquiao with a crushing right that knocked the former pound-for-pound champion into a deep sleep. 

Round One

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    Round one looked like a continuation of what we have seen so far in this classic series, a continuation of what has made these two fighters so special. Pacquiao looks focused and is showing a lot of head movement. 

    Marquez is holding the range and countering effectively off from Pac's left. Pacquiao is showing his great feints. Marquez looks committed to attacking the body.

    The crowd is strongly pro-Marquez. 

    It's almost like you can see Marquez thinking in there. He lands a body shot to end the round, but Pacquiao probably took the round on aggression. 

Round Two

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    Marquez is sticking with the body attack, but Pacquiao is finding Marquez with shots upstairs. So far Pac's head movement is the best we've seen in a long time. Maybe ever. 

    Marquez lands a good left hook late in the round, a good right inside of 20 seconds. A pretty even round. 

Round Three: Down Goes Pacquiao!

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    For the first time in their four fights Juan Manuel Marquez drops Pacquiao! 

    For the first part of the round it looked like a pattern was emerging. Pac's great head movement was allowing him to catch Marquez upstairs. Marquez was forced to focus on the body.

    But then the tactical genius timed Pacquiao just right, slipped to the side and connected hard with a straight right. He set it up with a fake to the body, which indicates that the body work is starting to pay off. 

    He hurt Pacquiao again down as Pacquiao struggled at first to hang on but then fought ferociously down the stretch. 

Round Four: Settling in for a War

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    Manny Pacquiao appeared fully recovered as the round began. Both men are clearly settled in for a war. 

    Each fighter had their moments in this round. Marquez continues to land effectively to the body and you have to wonder what kind of toll that will take from Pac as the fight goes on. 

    Pac is starting to try to find Marquez with a lead uppercut. Marquez landed clean rights to the face late in the round. 

Round Five: Pacman Roars Back

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    Wow! This might be the best installment yet of this great rivalry but there's a chance it won't make it to the closing bell. 

    Pacquiao evened up the knockdown count mid-round, dropping Marquez with a lead hook. But it was more of a flash knockdown than a punishing one and Marquez hurt Pacquiao after getting back to his feet. 

    But late in the round Pacquiao landed another lead hook, a brutal one, and Marquez looked like he might be on the brink of destruction. Somehow he hung on, alternating between clinching desperately and fighting wildly. 

Round Six: Marquez Slays His Dragon

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    I have been watching boxing for over thirty years now and I'm not sure I have ever seen anything more exciting than this one.

    Marquez started the round with a broken nose and Pacquiao appeared to be taking control of the fight. Marquez was having his moments during the round, but Pacquiao was winning it clearly. 

    And then, just as the closing bell was set to ring, the most dangerous counter puncher in Mexican boxing history struck, landing a crushing overhand right that dropped Manny Pacquiao like a tree.

    The great Pacquiao was out cold. The fight was over. 

    This will go down as one of the most historic one punch knockouts in boxing history. 


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