NFL Week 14 in Memes

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NFL Week 14 in Memes

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    Everyone loves memes. Who doesn't want to make fun of NFL's Week 14 with a ton of them?

    Memes have become a way of Internet life. We would be amiss if we decided to not capitalize on some of the best parts of the Internet. NFL's Week 14 was one of the more wacky and wild weeks of the season.

    We got some great moments from the games this weekend, and they will be explored through memes.

    Follow along as we take you through the journey that was NFL's Week 14 of the 2012 season.

Houston Texans 14, New England Patriots 42

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    The Patriots just dominated the Texans. It wasn't even close.

    After going up 28-0 in the 36 minutes of the game, the Patriots proved that they are the best team in the AFC.

    Despite going into the game with the best record in football, the Texans had something to prove and were unable to do so.

    Tom Brady made their defense look like a Pop Warner squad going 21-for-35 (60.0 percent) for 296 yards and four touchdowns.

    Unfortunately for Houston, this could be the makings of a future playoff matchup too. The defense should be afraid. 

    Very afraid.

Denver Broncos 26, Oakland Raiders 13

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    With the Broncos up 13-0 and Peyton Manning dominating the Oakland Raiders defense, he decides to take a shot deep into the end zone.

    Phillip Adams intercepted the pass and then the Raiders drove the length of the field for a touchdown.

    That was the last score they had until late in the fourth quarter when Darrius Heyward-Bey scored on a 56-yard bomb.

    Manning and the Broncos defeated the Raiders in a 26-13 drubbing.

St. Louis Rams 15, Buffalo Bills 12

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    After having a great game with six catches and 100 yards, the biggest play that Brandon Gibson made was the touchdown catch he made with just 48 seconds left in the game.

    Brandon Gibson had never had a game-winning touchdown catch until today's game. 

    In a game dominated by bad offense, the final scoring play being a passing touchdown was just perfect. Expect this to not be his final game-winning touchdown catch either. 

    Gibson is proving to be one of the top targets on the Rams for Sam Bradford.

Atlanta Falcons 20, Carolina Panthers 30

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    Greg Hardy claimed before the game that the Panthers were better than the Falcons (h/t Pat Yasinskas of ESPN).

    After the Panthers lost to the Falcons earlier this year 30-28 because of some last-minute heroics, and they finally beat the Falcons 30-20 in the second game, he seems correct.

    However, he was plastered by Falcons fans before the game. Even after the game when he said that the Panthers were better, Matt Bryant pointed out to one big fact.

    Despite losing to the Panthers, the Falcons are still division champions, 11-2 and on the way to possibly locking up home-field advantage.

Dallas Cowboys 20, Cincinnati Bengals 19

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    Tony Romo does it every year. He looks terrible until about the last half of the season.

    That's when he turns it on and starts beating the teams he should have beat all year.

    Over the last five weeks, the Cowboys are 4-1. However, their wins include an overtime win versus the Browns, a close win over the Eagles and a last-second stunner versus the Bengals.

    Romo will come back to earth with games versus Pittsburgh and New Orleans leading up to a possible de facto division title game with the Redskins on Dec. 30th.

Kansas City Chiefs 7, Cleveland Browns 30

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    Speaking of the Cleveland Browns, did you realize they have won three games in a row?

    Did you also realize they are 5-3 since starting the season 0-5?

    While the Browns have turned in some great performances the past three weeks, this leaves a question of just how good they are. 

    The Browns have lost five more games by seven or less points.

    With more talent, it would not surprise me to see them go from a likely 6-10 this season to a 9-7 or 10-6 season in 2013.

Tennessee Titans 23, Indianapolis Colts 27

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    Cassius Vaughn created momentum for the Indianapolis Colts to win the game with a pick-six against Jake Locker. 

    After the interception, he was lifted by Robert Mathis in what looks to be a German Suplex hold.

    If Mathis isn't able to play much longer, he would be well served trying out for the WWE once he is done. 

    The perfect form on the grip and the great hip, who am I kidding?

    I just thought it was neat to see a guy almost throw his teammate over his head. 

New York Jets 17, Jacksonville Jaguars 10

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    Mark Sanchez won the starting job back this past week in practice.

    Well, that's what Rex Ryan said. Then, the Jets told him to hand the ball off 39 times to his running backs.

    It doesn't hurt that his backs were able to get 78 yards on 19 carries and 77 yards on 20 carries, respectively. 

    However, when you have someone who is supposed to be a franchise quarterback, he shouldn't hand the ball off twice as many times as he throws it.

Chicago Bears 14, Minnesota Vikings 21

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    The Chicago Bears were one of the best defenses in the NFL, but their strengths were all in the passing game.

    Subtract Brian Urlacher, throw them against an offense that is primarily a running offense and watch Adrian Peterson dominate.

    Peterson ran for 154 yards on 31 carries for two touchdowns. He broke a multitude of tackles to bring his yearly total to 1,600 yards.

    He's just 160 yards away from beating his best year ever. He's also just 505 yards away from the single-season rushing record.

    He would have to average 169 yards over the last three games of the season in order to break it. Can he do it? 

San Diego Chargers 34, Pittsburgh Steelers 24

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    At this point, Norv Turner is just Norv'ing himself. He keeps winning games knowing that his head is there on the chopping block.

    Unfortunately, this is just too little, too late for the longtime Chargers coach as he is likely to be fired at the end of the season (h/t San Diego Union-Tribune's Kevin Acee).

    While the Chargers started the season 2-0 and eventually 3-1, they have lost seven of their last nine games and are a long shot for the playoffs.

    Even if Turner somehow gets them into the playoffs, it feels like the only way for him to actually keep his job would be to win the Super Bowl—a tall task.

Philadelphia Eagles 23, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 21

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    Nick Foles led the Eagles to their first victory since their 3-1 start. 

    In doing so, he had three touchdowns—two passing and one rushing. However, his rushing touchdown was one of the slowest plays ever seen.

    Okay, maybe not that, but check it out here (h/t Doug Farrar of Yahoo! Sports); he's very slow.

    On the bright side, the Eagles didn't take him as a running quarterback, and he really isn't that much slower than the Falcons' Matt Ryan.

    He's a pocket passer, and his 32-for-51 performance that gained 381 yards to go with those two touchdowns shows his natural talent.

Baltimore Ravens 28, Washington Redskins 31

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    Kirk Cousins being selected in the fourth round of the 2012 NFL Draft led to quite a few articles of people questioning the move.

    However, the pick has shown to be a great move so far in the limited action that Cousins has seen in reserve of Robert Griffin III.

    After Griffin went down with just 16 seconds left in the game and the Redskins down eight points, Cousins led the offense to a touchdown and a two point conversion to tie it.

    The eventual win shows that the pick made a ton of sense. His overall stats in reserve only justify it even more.

    He's 7-for-11 (63.6 percent) for 137 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions. That's not bad for a rookie whose primary job is to hold a clipboard.

Miami Dolphins 13, San Francisco 49ers 27

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    Aldon Smith is a total beast. He's proven time and time again that he can break the single-season sack record. 

    He's currently sitting at 19.5 with three games left. That means he needs just 3.5 to beat Michael Strahan's record of 22.5.

    With the 49ers last three games set as matchups versus the Patriots, Seahawks and Cardinals, expect him to have a legitimate shot.

    Against the Patriots, he will have a tough matchup with Nate Solder, as Solder has just allowed three sacks this season.

    Also, against Russell Okung of the Seahawks, he will be lining up against a guy who hasn't allowed a sack all season. 

    The real hope is in the final game of the year. Nate Potter is the current starting tackle for Arizona and he allowed two sacks to John Abraham, who is just a more seasoned and slower version of Aldon Smith.

    If Smith gets one sack over the next two games, don't be shocked if he is the one to break Strahan's 11-year old record.

New Orleans Saints 27, New York Giants 52

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    Sometimes rookies hit a wall at this part of the season. And then sometimes, they finally break out at this point of the season.

    David Wilson proved that the Saints special teams unit is just as bad as its defense by gaining 327 total yards against them—100 rushing and 227 returning.

    Even Jerrel Jernigan joined in on the act with a 60-yard kick return.

    But the Saints have a ton of issues both on defense and on special teams. If they want to compete with the Falcons for the division in 2013, they will need to fix both units.

    Oh yeah, David Wilson is a beast for the Giants. His speed and vision will make him a completely special running back in the NFL. 

Arizona Cardinals 0, Seattle Seahawks 58

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    Your team is up 51-0 with just over seven minutes left in the game. The ball is at the opposition's 33-yard line, and you have a good field-goal kicker in Steven Hauschka.

    He can hit the 50-yard field goal and could use the practice kick versus an NFL special teams unit. So, what does your gut tell you to do? Kick the field goal, right? 

    Unfortunately, Pete Carroll decided to go for it. The seven yards of field position were worth it to him to call the shot to the end zone.

    Classless? Maybe. But Arizona had to stop it. The Cardinals haven't been playing with heart since their 4-0 start.

    Carroll just wanted to assure fans and ownership that his team wouldn't finish with just seven wins for the third straight year.

Detroit Lions 20, Green Bay Packers 27

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    Mike Daniels picked up an bad snap that Matt Stafford couldn't keep a hold of as he was transitioning into his throwing motion.

    Then Daniels ran it 43 yards, showing that big men in the NFL are just as fast as some of the smaller ones.

    Every time a big man scores a touchdown, John Madden's love for it from the Replacements always pops into my head.

    Bleacher Report National NFL Lead Writer Aaron Nagler even showed his love for the touchdown celebration:


    — Aaron Nagler (@Aaron_Nagler) December 10, 2012

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