WWE Raw: Prime Time Players' Commentary Sparks Backstage Reaction

Chris Featherstone@@CraveWrestlingFeatured ColumnistNovember 21, 2012


During the tag team match between Team Hell No and Rey Mysterio/Sin Cara, the Prime Time Players were at the booth as guest commentators. Although we've heard them in that role before, this Raw was quite different.

PTP member Titus O'Neil pulled a gutsy move with seemingly unscripted commentary. However, it wasn't a shoot against anyone in the ring, but constant heckling towards Michael Cole and—mainly— Jerry "The King" Lawler.

Darren Young was primarily silenced throughout the dialogue, giving a few small verbal jabs here and there. Titus O'Neil, though, was the hot topic of the segment.

Minus a few overkills regarding Lawler's recent heart attack, O'Neil proverbially came out of his shell with his repetitive references to Lawler's mentioning of a "washrag" instead of a "washcloth." According to O'Neil, using the word "washrag" is indicative of him being too old school.

Another old school term that O'Neil assumed Lawler would use is "pay window." Obviously, he grew up watching Dusty Rhodes on WCW Saturday Night—that was his most used line when someone would win a match.

O'Neil continued his humorous ways during the "Backstage Fallout," making fun of Myspace and exhibiting his dizziness during the "millions of dollars" dance, causing him to fall on the couch.

The PTP match sparked a mixed reaction backstage, with roster members tweeting their reactions.

JBL tweeted (h/t Wrestling Inc):

"Prime Time Players have a lot of potential-but not on commentary. #washrag #vintageCole @wwe. The Twitter world seems to disagree with me! The whole key is to get noticed and PTP just did. #washrag"

Jim Ross tweeted (h/t Wrestling Inc):

"Prime Time Players uniquely entertaining on commentary. It's good for their team like em or not. Made me chuckle. #WWE"

Surprisingly, the one who was mostly amused by the commentary was Vince McMahon. Because of his endorsement, it left many people with a negative reaction backstage of the possibility of the WWE Universe hearing PTP more often than before.

I have to agree with Jim Ross on this one. With the exception of the heart attack jabs, Titus O'Neil created his own breakout moment on Raw. It was undoubtedly one of the funniest moments on Raw in recent memory. This is quite a stark contrast of his previous NXT promos, which were absolutely horrid.

It will indeed by interesting to see if this builds enough steam for the Prime Time Players to garner a WWE Tag Team Title push in the near future.

What were your thoughts of the PTP commentary on Raw? Comment civilly below.

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